Custom Clothing Coming Soon!

Once someone’s been analyzed, the first thing they want to do is to go shopping.

Makeup and clothes are usually the first items on their list. Makeup is pretty easy. There are a plethora of different shades available for any season.
Clothing is much more challenging. We are limited to what designers and merchants have to offer. Have you ever found a great fitting dress but it’s only available in one or two shades, and neither is flattering for you? Even if we can find the perfect color, the fit or style might be all wrong. It’s rare to get all things right at the same time.

Most of the time I find almost nothing that fits and it’s almost never in my seasonal color.

 A Dream Come True!

This is why I’m super excited to be a part of a something BIG. HUGE. AMAZING.
I’m working with a company that will be launching soon and who will offer custom made clothes that will flatter every person’s body type, coloring and personal style.

This has literally been a dream of mine for years. The company is called and I cannot wait to see it launch. I’m excited for my clients who have wanted and needed something like that. And if I’m completely honest I’m even more excited for myself!  Clothes that will fit MY body shape exactly – because it’s custom made! – And in my perfect color, is a dream come true.

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