NYR Organics are now in the USA!

I’m super excited to announce that I am now offering a new organic skincare line called NYR Organic.

NYR Organic is the new US direct selling channel of Neal's Yard Remedies, an  award-winning *certified* organic skincare company hand made in England.

Neal’s Yard Remedies are true pioneers when it comes to organic beauty, having started out with just a little boutique in Covent Garden, London 30 years ago. They have since grown in to an international brand finding huge success in countries like Japan and Dubai. Now they are  finding a new place to spread its roots - here in the USA.

I  continually try to align my life and my business with the things I care about most and environmental issues and sustainability are foremost on my list. I'm not perfect when it comes to reducing my carbon footprint and supporting green efforts but I try harder all the time.  Supporting businesses that are passionate about these causes is important to me. 

After finding out about NYR Organic from a friend of mine in France, I researched them further and couldn't't have been happier as to what I found. 

NYR Organic is as much of what they DO NOT include than what they do.

This includes:

·        No GMO Ingredients

·        No Parabens

·        No Nano Particles

·        No Synthetic Fragrances

·        No Synthetic Colors

·        No Silicones

·        No Mineral Oils

·        No Phthalates

·        No EDTA

·        No Propylene Glycol

·        No Carbomer

·         No DEA

·        And of course, No Animal Testing

All products are made in their certified CarbonNeutral® eco-factory in in Dorset, England. They are approved by animal welfare bodies including BUAV and PETA. Its ingredients are certified organic by leading bodies including the Soil Association. They source ingredients through ethical sourcing programs including the Fairtrade Foundation.

NYR Organic is more in line with my beliefs in sustainability, non-pesticide organic products, sourcing products ethically, and never testing on animals.

If all these things weren’t enough reason to represent the company, their products are. They are amazing.  In addition to award-winning skincare, they offer Aromatherapy, a Men’s line, hair care, sun care, Mother and Baby care and Gifts. They also have a small but growing line of cosmetics - which I will be categorizing soon for the different seasons.

This will be welcome news to my clients who were asking for organic and vegan products! 

You can shop online or just find out more about them here.

Note they only ship directly from their factory to clients here in the USA but if you want anything, let me know . I will order it and ship it to anywhere in the world.

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