Natural Style for Autumns

Natural Style is all about comfort and easy care. Nothing too fussy or constricting. Sometimes called "casual" or "sporty", this look is all about feeling comfortable, not following trends, and nothing too high maintenance.

While any and all seasons can project a Natural look, it's super easy for the Autumns because their palette contains all the beautiful earth tones found in nature. They also favor natural fibers like cotton and gemstones like turquoise. Natural + Autumn is a perfect fit!

Here are some Natural looks for each of the four Autumn seasons.

Pure Autumn (Warm Autumn)

Toned Autumn (Soft Autumn Deep)

Shaded Autumn (Deep Autumn)

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Julia Roberts is a "Natural"

Characteristics of the "Natural" Personality


  • Easy Care
  • Relaxed, deconstructed fit
  • Simple lines
  • Little to no waist definition
  • Matte Surfaces
  • Natural Fibers


  • Minimal jewelry & accessories
  • If worn, 'natural' jewelry like wood, shells, leather. 


  • Minimal to light makeup
  • Evening makeup is still natural but with some stronger lipstick or gloss. 


  • Easy Care
  • A great haircut is a must. 


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