3 Steps to Analyzing Yourself

Study yourself without makeup, in the best light possible (preferably daylight)

1. Determine your dominant characteristic.

Read "Color Theory" first).

Deep: Strong, rich, dark coloring

Light: Very light and delicate

Warm: Yellow based colors, no blue undertones

Cool: Blue based colors, no yellow or golden undertones

Clear: Bright, clear colors, nothing muted or dusty

Muted: Soft, dusty colors; nothing bright and overpowering

2. Determine secondary characteristic

Once you’ve determined your dominant characteristic, next decide if the warmer or the cooler colors look best. For the "Warm" or "Cool" season, decide the intensity level next. For example: if you decided that your dominant trait is “Warm”, if the intensity is softer and more delicate, then you are a Warm Spring but if your intensity level is darker (but not too dark) then you are a Warm Autumn. Likewise, if your dominant trait is "Deep", decide if the deep cool colors look best on you or the deep warm colors.

Deep, Cool Colors = Deep Winter

Deep, warm colors = Deep Autumn.

Light, warm colors = Light Spring

Light, Cool colors = Light Summer

Clear, cool colors = Clear Winter

Clear, warm colors = Clear Spring

Soft, warm colors = Soft Autumn

Soft, cool colors = Soft Summer

Warm, light colors = Warm Spring

Warm, medium colors = Warm Autumn

Cool, medium colors = Cool Summer

Cool, darker colors = Cool Winter

3. Test Drape Key Colors

If you have determined your dominant trait and are still a little unsure whether you lean toward cool colors or warm colors, then test these colors against your face with a swatch, a scarf or sweater. While most seasons share colors from their “sister season”, there will be certain colors which will look best for one season over the other. Below are some of those colors for each dominant group:

Deep Autumn vs. Deep Winter

Salmon Pink vs. Fuchsia

Light Peach vs. Icy Pink

Terracotta vs. Burgundy

Light Spring vs. Light Summer

Bright Coral vs. Deep Rose

Camel vs. Cocoa

Light moss vs. Aqua green

Warm Spring vs. Warm Autumn

Light Mango vs. Pumpkin

Medium Blue vs. Jade

Clear Red vs. Rust

Cool Summer vs. Cool Winter

Soft White vs. Pure white

Lavender vs. Royal Purple

Raspberry vs. True Red

Soft Summer vs. Soft Autumn

Blue Green vs. Olive Green

Soft Fuchsia vs. Salmon Pink

Burgundy vs. Mahogany

Clear Spring vs. Clear Winter

Warm Pink vs. Magenta

True Green vs. Pine Green

True Blue vs. Royal Blue

Still not sure what your season is?

Here are some more ways to find out, by analyzing

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