Celebrity Style: Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson is a Soft Summer. She looks best in a mix of soft & muted cool colors though her palette does contain some warm colors as well. Like her sister season the "Soft Autumn", "Soft Summers" look best in rich but soft colors which are not overly strong (like the Winter colors) or cool (like the Cool Summer). A somewhat neutral and balanced look is best.

Ashlee has tried every look in the book, with varying degrees of success.

Note: Do you know someone who can wear just about any color out there and still look good? Not fair, is it? Most likely they are one of the 3 seasons who's palette contain both warm and cool colors: Soft's, Deep's, and Light's.

Because Ashlee is a Soft season, she seems to be able to get away with a multitude of looks. But there are some times when the looks were obviously not on target.

From too-red hair...

to too-platinum blonde hair...

to too-flat black hair.

Here's a better look for Ashlee. She can go blonder without making her hair platinum and still get that "sunkissed blue eyed blonde" look.

Here's another flattering photo of her. Instead of going overboard, she uses restraint when applying makeup, using only the darker berry colored lipstick for impact. Overall, the look is dramatic, but all within the colors of her seasonal palette.

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