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Pretty Your World's first Beauty Makeover

Our first Beauty Makeover just happens to be my niece Jenny. What struck me about this makeover was how fast it went but how much of a difference it made. It took me like 6 minutes to make her over. The finished result looks very natural. It looks like she’s wearing little makeup and in fact she was. A little foundation by Loreal (natural beige), a neutral lip pencil (The Body Shop’s “Beech”), very neutral eye color (Loreal’s “Soft Fawn”) and some black mascara (Loreal’s Lashout in Black) was all it took.

Jenny has a perfectly oval shaped face so she’s fortunate to be able to wear several different hairstyles that would flatter her. In this instance, I did nothing but brushed it out and turned the ends under slightly with a large curling iron.

Jenny is a which means she looks best in soft, muted colors, predominantly on the cool side but being able to wear soft warm colors just as well.

*Note: I won’t be able to have this kind of knowledge in subsequent makeovers of course, but because Jenny is my niece, I do remember her hair color quite well when she was about 4-5 years old (this is an important question in determining your Season that is part of the online color analysis questionnaire) I remember brushing her hair and looking closely at each hair strand and being amazed to see every color in the rainbow! The majority were a warm caramel blonde but I found strands of red, various shades of brown, every shade of blonde, and even white blonde. This typified her Soft Summer colors: a soft blend of both warm and cool colors.

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