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Pretty Your World recommends "ByFerial Image Consultant Training"

If one of your dreams is to become an image consultant but you were never sure exactly from whom, when, or where to get good training, I highly recommend training by Ferial Youakim. I’ve recently taken some training course by her and plan to do more extensive training in 2012.

If you have researched it, you probably found that good quality hands-on Image Consultant training that is actually affordable here in the USA, or anywhere actually, is hard to find. You will want to make sure they use the most accurate, up-to-date system available, and they provide you with materials like color drapes, swatches and training material. You will get that with Ferial. She is the mastermind behind the new 16 season system, which is a refinement of the 12 system color system I talk about on this site. I will be talking more about this updated system in the days to come, though I’m already utilizing it when I definitely find one of those ‘new’ additional 4 seasons. I want to be fully trained on the subject though before I explain it to everyone else.

Join me this February 2012 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for professional, in-depth image consultant training by Ferial (she also trains internationally as well). Don’t miss the chance then to be trained by one of the best trainers out there and be on your way to fulfilling your dream of being a certified Image Consultant.

Sign up for the 2012 Training, mention to Ferial that you were referred by PrettyYourWorld and get a great gift from me! (hint: Free Makeup!)

You can find out more information about all Ferial has to offer at her website:

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