What is the Best makeup line?

When people ask me what is the best makeup line is I say there is no one "line" that is superior over another. This is because you can find excellent products in cheaper makeup lines and find complete duds in a higher priced line. You have to experiment to find items that work best for you. But I'd much rather spend $10 to find out that a foundation doesn't have enough staying power than spending $50, wouldn't you?

Cherry pick across different product lines for the best makeup (the same goes for Skincare products, too.) You do NOT have to buy a company’s entire line of products, i.e. eyeshadow, mascara, foundation, eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick, blush, all from the same company. Don’t fall for that sales pitch at the make-up counter.

One of the classic beauty products is Mabelline’s Great Lash mascara. Mabelline's Great Lash Mascara It consistently comes up as a favorite in surveys and polls. It costs under $5.00 and works fine; although I find that Maybelline's Double Lash and Loreal's Lash Out mascara thicken lashes better and they cost only slightly more. The point is they are all under $8.

Why would anyone want to pay $30 or more for mascara? It makes no sense.

My Suggestion:

Buy good quality products at affordable in-touch-with-reality prices and pocket the difference. Then maybe open a Savings account and save up for a dream trip to Italy showing off your new found Style, wearing your best colors, and feeling great!

That’s what I’m saving up for anyway. You can do what you’d like.~

I don't represent any one cosmetic line for the reasons I stated above (saturation, cherry pick, etc) But e.l.f cosmetics are so affordable, they're full sized, not tested on animals, and believe it or not, every cosmetic item is just a dollar! Paula Begoun even likes them! They are such a uniquely affordable cosmetic line, they make it easy to go cherry picking to find new colors that fit within your seasonal palette while not breaking the bank. I have no problem recommending them.

Once you've found the best makeup for you, what's next?