Books I Like

This is the book that presents the 12 Season Color Theory of which my site is based on. I was actually trained by co-author Christine Sherlock. The book does a great job of explaining the 12 Season Theory, along with other very helpful image improvement strategies.

Bonus: at the end of the book, they list the complete 48 color palettes for each season!

I came across this book one day I was roaming around Barnes and Noble and this guy just blew me away. I usually like to buy used books (remember, I’m ‘thrifty”...don’t like to be called ‘cheap’) but I bought this one right away. This guy is amazing! His makeovers are the best I’ve ever seen. It’s geared toward women over 45, and he knows exactly what each woman needs to look her best. One thing in particular I like is he doesn’t just subscribe to the age old rule of “woman over 40 shouldn’t have long hair”. I've never liked that rule because I love my long hair and really don't plan on cutting it any time soon. He says sometimes “yes” and sometimes “no”. It depends on the woman. Anyway, its one of the best makeover books I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend it.

Any and all books by the late make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin is worth buying. He is amazing.

It’s funny because when I was growing up I was obsessed with magazines and especially ads for cosmetics. I would rip out certain pictures that I thought were awesome and keep them as references for a drawing I might want to do in the future. I still have some that are over 20 years old. When I discovered Kevyn and saw examples of his work he had done over the years, I saw pictures that I remember pulling out of the magazine years ago because I thought the makeup was so incredible. I had no idea many of these pictures were the result of the same makeup artist!

He truly was the Michelangelo of the makeup world. Tragically he died from a brain tumor in 2002 at the age of 40.

As I stated elsewhere on my site, Paula Begoun has written The definite book on cosmetics. Literally almost every single makeup & skin care item created, she has reviewed them. I like her practical common sense assessments of the products as well as her contempt for insanely overpriced items. She will still review them, and give them good marks if they are effective, but she will also make a point of saying they are ridiculously too expensive for what you get. The first book I listed “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me” is a must have. And the other book, “The Beauty Bible” is highly recommended too. It is just profound common sense on what is necessary, what isn’t; what works and what doesn’t. Another must have.

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