Celebrity Style:
Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a Cool Winter. Why is she a Cool Winter and not a Deep Winter? It can be a fine line between the two seasons but it's the absence of any warmth in her skin, hair and eyes that indicate she's "cool" rather than "deep". See what I mean in the next two pictures below.

See how the golden yellow top and warm highlights in her hair doesn't really do much for her, especially when compared to when she's wearing black and her hair is a uniform dark brown as in the previous picture?

Here's another clue Catherine's a "Cool" season: see how the bronzer she uses on her face appears orange and unflattering? A Deep Winter can use some bronzer (lightly) to warm up her skin. It doesn't work well for Catherine.

Here's Catherine again looking great in black and no golden brown makeup. She looks terrific.

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