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Includes all the information of the physical book (plus a few little extras), including full color palettes!

Makeup suggestions, hair color suggestions, and lots more all available to download now!

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Here's just a few reviews of her printed book.....

"This is the best book in print on the 12 Season color analysis system. Step by step instructions for finding your true "Season" (which may not be the one you think it is!) Great color palettes too. Highly recommended!"--S. Clacks, California

"....If her book had been available when I was desperately searching for what colour group I belonged to, I would say I'd have found it with the advice here. She goes into much more subtle nuances of colour and how they often work together, her sensitivity and perception really shines through. This voice is far more like the one to one consultation I received from the counsellor, more intuitive, much deeper and better explained in its approach. I love the sections on how to colour your hair as you age, this is an area that is sadly neglected elsewhere and most hairdressers, despite what magazines suggest, don't really offer advice, just do what you want them to do."

-Trish, U.K.

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