Color Theory by Albert Munsell

Pretty Your World's color theory is based on the principals made famous by artist Albert Munsell. His diagram below sums up the 12 Season Color Theory in a nutshell. It might look complex initially but really it isn’t. The 3 aspects considered in his theory are Intensity (light or dark), hue (the actual colors) and Chroma (or saturation). Every color will be somewhere along this grid.

For example, colors at the bottom of the center pole will be prevalent in the “Deep” seasons. At the top of the pole, those colors will be found in the “Light” seasons. Depending where a color sits on the band called “Hue”, they will generally be warm or cool. The “chroma” line refers to how pure or ‘saturated’ a color is. The chart below illustrates the "chroma" concept further. You have the “pure color” and then by adding white, grey or black you change the chroma.

“Pure Colors”, depending on their ‘temperature’ (warm or cool) can usually be found in all Seasons but you’ll especially find them in all of the Winter Palettes and especially the “Clear” seasons. When a color gets grey added to it, you will find those most often in all of the Summer Seasons, since they need colors that are soft, dusty, or muted.

This is why the 12 Season color system is the most accurate one there is. It takes all 3 of these aspects of color into account. This is why you can be confident you will be getting the most precise and effective palette of colors to enhance your special coloring when you follow Pretty Your World's color theory!

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