Cool Winter

As a Cool Winter, its vital to steer clear of any warm colors. Stick with the cool Blues, Purples and Reds and anything that isn’t warm like golden browns or oranges. While wearing cool colors is the main concern, you also want your colors to be bold enough to match your strong coloring so soft pastels like sky blue or light lavender may be too wishy washy on you. Note: it’s common for Cool Winters to have once been Deep Winters early in life. As we age, our coloring tends to cool and soften.

The Cool Winter does not ‘flow’ into any warm season, but they can overlap the Cool Summer. Some of the more full bodied cool summer colors like raspberry, plum and deep rose can be found in this palette, and they are particularly good colors for Cool Winter makeup.

Power Colors: Black, White, Chinese Blue, Icy Blue, Fuchsia, Plum

Avoid: warm tones like golden browns, yellows, oranges.

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Some classic looks for the Cool Winter

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Judith Ripka, Dooney & Bourke, Judith Ripka