The Deep Autumn

The Deep Autumn (Shaded Autumn) needs to wear the deepest and most vivid colors of the autumn palette. Rich dark chocolate, tomato red, Pine green are a few of the colors that enrich your intense coloring. For maximum effect, pair dark colors with some of the brighter colors for contrast. Steer clear of soft pastels and light earth tones which are not strong enough for your coloring and will wash you out.

The Deep Autumn is a blend of both Autumn and Winter (Autumn “flowing into” Winter), and their coloring will be more slightly more neutral than a Warm Autumn (Pure Autumn) season.

Power Colors: Deep Brown, Tomato Red, Emerald Green, Rust, Burnt Orange, Deep Olive

Avoid: dusty blues and lavenders, any light or pale colors

Some wardrobe ensembles for the Deep Autumn

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