Elements of Style

Elements of Style are not about physical beauty, wealth or designer clothes. Style is one of those intangible things that come from knowing yourself well and wearing only what flatters YOU. It's genuine and unique. It's NOT about following the latest fashion trend or supposed "beauty rules". It's about being able to project your best look, confidently and consistently. It's empowerment. And anyone can develop their own.

Creating your own personal style is easy. The right Colors, a flattering hairstyle, and a wardrobe that fits your body shape are the 3 most important elements of style. Once you have perfected these, add a few accessories like the right handbag, a touch of jewelry, your favorite perfume and you have created your own signature look.

And the best part is that it absolutely does not have to be expensive!

For example, a classic style "little black dress" can be bought almost anywhere very affordably, and especially if you hunt clearance racks. You can always find a pair of classic black pumps, even at Wal-mart. Punctuate it with a really nice shade of red lipstick and a faux pair of pearls and you've got one of the most classic looks ever!

Tip: You can always 'dress up' cheaper clothes by pairing them with higher quality accessories like purses, belts, watches, etc.

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Your own Personal Style Solutions ePortfolio

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An essential Element of Style includes knowing your best colors...