Faith Hill

Faith Hill is a Soft Summer and in this photo her colors are flattering. But Soft Summers can be difficult to analyze because of the fact they have both warm and cool characteristics. And since they aren't an obvious "Deep" coloring, sometimes they can appear to be a "Light" season.

Likewise, I find that Soft Summers get their colors wrong a lot. They need to find a balance of both warm and cool colors. They are generally "neutral" in color when compared to a "Warm" season or a "Cool" season. Like I say, it can be tricky. In this photo, Faith is wearing a nice soft white (not Pure white) jacket and her hair and make-up don't scream either warm or cool.

Here her colors don't do a thing for her. Yellow is never a good color for a Summer, her makeup is too brown/red, and her hair needs some highlights.

Here is another picture of Faith in flattering colors.

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