Free Online Makeovers!

Now get a FREE online makeover whenever you order a Color Analysis package!

I’m working with a company called that allows me to utilize their sophisticated image software program in all of my color analysis.

Once I analyze you, I will give you at least two photos with two different looks wearing only your best colors for your season! This includes makeup and hairstyles.

Above and below are some actual makeovers I’ve done on my niece Jenny. She’s a Soft Summer so I tried to find the perfect soft blend of cool and warm colors Soft Summer’s need. She simply sent me a clear photo of herself without makeup and her hair pulled back and all the pictures are the same with different makeup and hairstyles added 'virtually'!

Besides a before-and-after photo, you will receive a list of the makeup colors I used for your makeover. All are brand name products, corresponding to the colors I used for you. Eventually I will be launching my own makeup line and making suggestions for my line, but I will continue to suggest colors via Taaz since many people are loyal to specific brands.

I am addicted to TAAZ! It’s fun and helpful and best of all, FREE! Go there now and have some fun!