Limited Availability during the Holidays

Due to several of my suppliers closing temporarily for the holiday season, several of my services and products will not be available for a couple of weeks.

Makeup from my Color Shop:
Last day to order: 12-16-2011
Open for orders again: 1-2-2012

Last day to order: 12-18-2011
Open for orders again: 1-18-2012

This means that there will be no Full color analysis during this time as well as no individual swatches available. No makeup orders can be fulfilled until after Jan 2.

What WILL be available?

ColorFast Color Analysis This doesn't include a delux swatch

Estyle Program

Votre Vu Skin care


"Color Revival" eBook

During this time I will also be revamping my website getting ready for a fabulous new year in 2012!

Thanks so much for your support and have a fabulous holiday season!

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