Hollywood Hits & Misses

Brittany Murphy: Deep Autumn

* Hit (left pic): Rich brown hair color matches the intensity of her pretty brown eyes.

* Miss (right pic): Her hair is too blonde, washing out her deep rich coloring.

Natalie Portman: Deep Autumn

* Hit (left pic): Rich brown hair color with caramel highlights and dark brown dress harmonized with her golden brown eyes.

* Miss (right pic): Bright coral pink shirt and makeup is a color more suited to a Clear Spring. It doesn't enhance her warm dark brown coloring.

Janet Jackson: Deep Winter

* Hit (left pic): Her deep dark eyes are enhanced by her naturally black hair.

* Miss (right pic): Her lightening up of her hair color and her "autumn-y" peach blush doesn't give her the best look. Not compared to her playing up her natural coloring as on the left.

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