Image Essentials: Color & Style

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1. The Full Color Analysis package which includes our deluxe physical color swatch specific to your season. You also will get a 43 page eBook filled with helpful information about your season, contrast, hairstyles, etc.

2. Your eStyle Portfolio from "My Private Stylist" which gives fashion and accessory advice that suits your body type and figure requirements.

If bought separately they would cost $168.95 total
Buy now for $139.95!

Image Essentials Color & Style

Once payment is received you will receive instructions on how to submit photos for your color analysis and a special "key" code will be emailed to you to begin your eStyle portfolio.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact me at

Already purchased one product but not the other. Why not share with a friend. Have a color analysis and give the key code to a friend or vice versa!

Armed with the knowledge you will gain from these two products, you will save time and money and most importantly gain confidence in knowing you are looking your absolute best!

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