A Closer Look: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is the perfect example of a Soft Summer, for several reasons.

First, her coloring is a soft blend of both warm and cool colors. At first glance, it would be hard to tell whether she favors cool colors or warm colors. Her skin is quite neutral (no obvious blue or yellow undertones.) Her eyes are blue, but they are more of a steel blue, or grey blue which is very common in Soft Summers. Her hair is neither very warm or very cool.

The second reason I love using Jennifer as a great example of a Soft Summer is that she knows what looks good on her, and most importantly, what doesn’t. She keeps her hair color subtle…nothing too dark and nothing too light. I’ve never seen her with bleached blonde hair. Her hair colorist knows how to keep it a soft, subtle brown/blonde blend.

From her photo on the left (above), you can tell her natural coloring was darker and heavier. But even so, she was an obvious Soft Summer with the flat hair color (some could call it “mousy” which is common with Soft seasons), and her steel blue eyes. That is what makes her ability to keep her coloring so soft and subtle so refreshing to me. In Hollywood its common for starlets to change their hair color all the time, from one extreme to another. Not with Jennifer.

Below is a photo of her with about as light blonde as you will see on her and it’s limited to highlights framing her face. Still she keeps makeup very neutral. Very smart and very beautiful.

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