Pretty Your World is proud to offer you a clothing line that is fun and fresh and flatters everyone:

”Fun Fresh Eco-Chic Clothing for Every Woman, Every Age, Every Day!”

Here are the 3 top things that compelled PYW to carry their line:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom dyed colors 

It feels great to know that KikaPaprika’s clothing is made with eco-friendly fabrics like 100% organic cotton, Tencel® (made from sustainable Eucalyptus pulpa), repurposed fabrics (which are used in their  limited edition garments instead of ending up in land fills); and poly-blends which are actually made from recycled water bottles! 

It’s challenging to find clothing made in the USA, but all of Kika’s products are.  No worrying about whether they were made in unsafe clothing factories with little to know fair labor laws.

 If the first two reasons were not enough, the 3rd one made it a GREAT fit for Pretty Your World: custom dyed clothing!  Here’s how it works: twice a year (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer) Kika comes out with 12 colors. Most items from that season – dresses, tops, pants, etc-can be dyed any of these colors. Each item will have a ‘signature’ color, or a color that it comes in and will be stored and ready to ship from their factory within a few days.  But you have the option to dye your favorite item in any of the 12 colors.  This means that you can find your most flattering color(s) and build a whole core wardrobe around these colors. 

These are the current set of color choices for the Spring/Summer 2013 season.

The current shades can always be found on my website

Clothes are only sold through KikaPaprika Wardrobe Consultants (such as myself) so ordering them is a little different than most items on my website.  When you find an item you want to order, just fill out this form and the best time to call you so we can place your order or so I can answer more questions for your about Kika.  Or you can reach me through my website:

All clothes are shipped directly to you from KikaPaprika.

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