Be the NEXT TOP MODEL (for my book, anyway)

Help me finish my Book!

Looking for models for my upcoming book -MALE & FEMALE!

I am almost done writing my book about the 12 season color system. The 12 season color theory is the most accurate in the world. But it can appear dauntingly complex to many. My book will simplify it so everyone can figure out their correct season and never make another bad color choice again.

I originally planned on using people I know from my area as models to illustrate each of the 12 seasons. However, I’m finding it a slow process especially since some seasons are harder to find than others. Also, from the feedback I’ve been given so far, potential readers want to see lots of examples of each season, not just one model for each. Since I want to publish my book this year, I had an idea:

Since I do virtual color analysis, analyzing people’s colors from photographs, why not use photos of people from all over the world as my models? This way I can get a much broader selection of people who can illustrate what a particular season may look like.

Why would you want to be an unpaid model (did I mention that it was unpaid)? Two reasons…

• Vanity: it would just be fun to appear in a published book as a model!

• Free Color Analysis: I will, of course, need to make sure I know your correct season so I will need to do a thorough analysis of your colors, which may mean sending in additional photos for me to research, though those won’t be published. Normally stand alone color analysis currently is $39.95 on my site. You would get yours free if your picture is chosen for the book, along with a free eSwatch corresponding to your season.Due to the volume of photos I expect to receive, I probably will not be able to use everyone. I hope to choose 3 or 4 people for each season, so a total of 48 or so and if I get enough pictures of men, that will add another 12 to 36 more. So you will have a pretty good chance of getting selected but it’s not guaranteed.

Click here to see what types of photo’s I’m looking for….

Just email me your picture at and I will respond back either way as to whether your picture will be chosen. If you have problems sending it to my business email, just go ahead and send it directly to my personal email: If you’re not chosen it will only be because we already have enough models for that season or your haircolor is not representative of your season. It has nothing to do with being ‘pretty enough’. I’m not looking for super models. I just need real people who’s colors are clear enough to illustrate your season.

Email me if you have any additional questions.



NOTE: I have enough Soft Autumns and Deep Autumn models already. Thank you!

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