No Virtual Color Analysis services temporarily

All virtual color analysis packages (ColorFast and Full Color Analysis packages) are temporarily halted. I will hopefully be resuming the service in a couple of months. The reason I'm doing this is so that I can focus on my move to Indianapolis where I've taken a full time job in a non-beauty related field. Please note that while I will need to suspend doing color analysis for awhile, then in no way means I will neglect website. Quite the contrary actually. This move will allow me to expand my business even more, beginning with the launch of my makeup line as well as other products and services to come later in the year.

I will of course finish any color analysis that I have already started and to anyone who has submitted photos for my "Real Women" page who I still need to analyze yet. Except for the ColorFast and the Complete Color Analysis packages, all other products will still be available for purchase including my eBooks, eStyle program and deluxe swatches and eSwatches.

Thanks for your understanding and continued support of Pretty Your World. I will continue to write my blog and create new content on my site so please check back often.



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