Not for Women Only:
Color is crucial for Men, too.

Color is not for women only. Color is often the only “cosmetic” men utilize on a daily basis. They don’t have the makeup, hair color, jewelry and other accessories we women use all the time. Therefore it is crucial for men to get their colors right when they choose their wardrobe. The basic black suit can be great if you’re a winter, but dull and flat if you are a Light Spring. Likewise a Cool Summer will look pale and sick in a warm brown suit. Get the colors right and your world will change. People will notice something about you they can’t quite put their finger on. I’ve seen it happen all the time to men who’ve been analyzed and have consistently worn only their best colors.

Below are some examples of men and their seasons. I’ve tried to find photos of them wearing their right colors only. FYI, men are often much harder to analyze than women. They don't let their hair grow out long enough to see the natural highlights, they don't wear a myriad of different clothing colors for me to compare which looks better, etc. But these guys I've figured out either because they are obvious or I've been watching them for a long time, like Cameron Matheson from "All My Children", to get them figured out. Cameron Matheson is a Soft Summer

Ben Affleck is a Deep Winter