Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton, otherwise known as "Debra" on "Everybody Loves Raymond" is a Deep Winter. She sparkles in deep dark colors, especially black.

Here she's warmed up her hair with a some deep auburn shade, which can totally work for a Deep Winter.

However sometimes Deep Winters will push their coloring into the "Warm Autumn" category, with mixed results. While Patricia looks good, these colors aren't her best choices since her predominant characteristic is "Deep" and that's what she needs to focus on.

Here's what wearing the completely wrong colors can do. These very pale earth tones (suitable for a Soft Autumn) drain the vibrance from Patricia's face. It makes her look much older!

Here she is once again with her dark (with still a hint of red)hair. Compare this picture to the previous one. She looks years younger.

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