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There is nothing else like this software program to help you develop your own personal style. In as little as a few minutes of inputting your body shape information, you will have your own eStyle portfolio that tells you the best clothing and accessories for your body, and which ones to avoid. 

This innovative and accurate eStyle program will teach you about every item you place on your body; from necklines to hemlines, skirts to dresses, pants to shorts, and swimwear to lingerie, accessories and much more. You'll be shown exactly what suits your body shape, age and lifestyle and open up hundreds of exciting new style possibilities for you. It will even show you how to coordinate your clothes and how to skillfully work with pattern and color

As I gained weight over the years, my hourglass figure, while still technically considered ‘hourglass’ has shifted. Breasts are larger and lower. My stomach is much more prominent. I found shopping to be a HUGE chore. The clothing that suited me before didn’t do the job any more. It was beyond frustrating. <br><br>

The information in this eStyle program is priceless. You can shop with ease knowing that you are picking out items that only suit your body and your unique figure challenges. With over 660 full color photographs of items, all wardrobe aspects are covered: clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, hairstyles, glasses, swimwear. 

This program used to be available to only a few select Image Consultants who would charge several hundred dollars. This is now available to anyone in the world for only $79.95, all within minutes and all from the convenience of your own home.  

Tips for Using the eStyle Program

Read over the information thoroughly to get the most out of the program. It seemed a little confusing to me at first, but once I read through everything and watched the video, it’s very simple.

If you have any technical questions at all, click the big HELP button below my logo on the left.  This will take you directly to the software creators who will answer your questions within 24 hours, usually sooner. 

There is an optional Style Guide book you can buy when you purchase the program. Do so at the same time and you will get a $10 discount on the book. With it, you can transfer all of your information from the program into the book so that you can take it with you when you shop. You can also download your information to your computer, but this will be text only; with so many photos, downloading all of the possible information and pictures is impractical. So getting the Style Guide is optional but highly recommended.

Besides just having the transferred information with you when you shop, the other great thing about the book is that it is filled with tons of helpful information about every possible article of clothing and accessories you can wear. It contains high quality full color photos of actual items so you dont just have to guess; you can see exactly what it is talking about. 

The program will pay for itself in a very short time by helping you eliminate clothing and accessory mistakes.  

Couple this with a Color Analysis and you are SET to look your BEST!

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