Real Women Examples

While everyone loves to see celebrity examples, many people want to see ‘real women’ who typify particular seasons. Below are some women who have graciously allowed me to use their photos.

I do ask many clients if it is ok to use their pictures and most politely say no. Many don’t like me using pictures of them without makeup, which I totally understand. I feel like a hypocrite asking people for photos since I don’t even like showing photos of myself on my own website, and these are even pictures of me all made up! I have issues.

But for an accurate color analysis, it is critical for me to see women without makeup so I can see their skin and natural coloring. So I am especially grateful to the ladies below who volunteered to be posted on here so others can see ‘real women’ and their seasons.

Real Women

The first 4 ladies below are SOFT seasons. So many of my clients turn out to be Soft seasons. I think this is because since this season is most often the most difficult to diagnose, clients have been told they were every season under the sun and they need to narrow it down to one. Or they simply have a tough time finding colors that don’t overwhelm or underwhelm them.

Their untouched photo without makeup is on the left and my virtual makeover I did courtesy of is on the right.

Tinted Autumn
(Soft Autumn Light)

Cristina is a perfect example of a Tinted Autumn (or a Soft Autumn Light). Her coloring is quite neutral. Definitely not dark, but not super light either. Pure colors of either temperature would be too overwhelming. I need to ask for more closeup photos to really see what her undertones were. Even very blended seasons will favor one over the other. I finally determined she leaned more warm than cool. Tinted Autumn was the result.

Toned Summer
(Soft Summer Light)

Jenny is my niece who’s photo I’ve used before on my site. What strikes one first when they look at her is that nothing really strikes them: she’s not real warm, not real cool, not real dark, not real light. This is common of the Soft seasons. Because of the blend of warm and cool, the effect is one that is neutral and subdued. Soft Summer eyes are often a smokey grey-blue like Jen's.

Toned Autumn
(or Soft Autumn Deep)

Amy struck me as obviously warm with her warm eyes and warm hair but it was very subdued and muted…the very definition of a Soft Season. You can see her skin is quite neutral and muted as well. I chose soft subtle browns for her makeover and did nothing to her hair. I think her natural hair was quite pretty and very representative of the Soft Autumn season. Although if she wanted to, she could certainly add a few subtle highlights or warm it up just a tiny bit. Too much warmth though and it will be too much for her and clash with her natural subtle look.

Toned Autumn
(or Soft Autumn Deep)

Amber had come to me to ask whether she thought she was a Soft Autumn or Soft Summer. These sister seasons can be hard to determine sometimes and making it hard was the fact that she didn’t look bad in the Soft Summer colors but the Soft Autumn colors I felt were better.

Amber’s skin and eyes really typify the Soft Autumn season: olive green eyes and muted neutral skin. Just like Amy above, by wearing colors too warm, or typical colors for a Warm Autumn, they would have been too overpowering and unflattering. Amber had her dominant characteristic right, she knew she needed soft and muted to look her best; now knowing her secondary characteristic, she’s discovered her perfect palette of colors.

Pure Spring
(Clear Spring)

I’m happy to have gotten a chance to have analyzed only my second Clear Spring and the first one to allow me to post her photos. Now you can see what I’m talking about with regards to how I view Clear Springs.<br><br>

Crystal has those bright eyes unique to the Clear Spring. It took several photos to determine whether her skin was more warm than cool, since lighting can play tricks on the eyes. But I did see that she definitely has more warmth than cool to her, though it is quite neutral when compared to a purely warm season. You can also see that her hair is not super blonde but it is definitely on the light side. She was blonde as a child.
So for her virtual makeover, I wanted to use makeup and hair color that I feel looks good on a Clear Spring. I wanted to show how blonde they can take their hair color, just for illustration purposes. They have the high saturation level to handle such “blondness”. But she doesn’t have to change her hair color at all. In fact, Crystal doesn’t color her hair at all and it looks very pretty.

Tinted Winter
(Cool Winter

Hannah is a client who's skin color played the most important part of her analysis. Because it's very cool, I could not have put warm colors on her and think it looked her best. In additional, her skin has a translucent quality to it, which is indicative of a Winter season. Thus, my analysis was Cool Winter. <br><br>

Toned Summer
(Soft Summer Light)

Denise is a good example of a Soft Summer in that her hair is somewhat warm, but her skin is neither very warm nor very cool. Her eyes were the only thing obviously cool about her. I’ve come to recognize SOFT seasons pretty easily now (well, some types, anyway) and so the question for me was to see if she had warm or cool undertones. For me, trying on specific makeup and hair colors is the way to pinpoint that. In my opinion, the cooler muted colors came out the winner over warmer colors

Tinted Winter
(Cool Winter)

Jana was an easy analysis. This was because she had the obvious signs of a Cool Winter: cool transparent skin (see the natural pinkness in her cheeks), sharp blue eyes with very white whites, and naturally dark hair (I saw her childhood photos to confirm it was always this way). I talk about how often skin tone does not jump out at me, although I’m really trying to notice skin more. But in Jana’s case, it is extremely obvious. I couldn’t help but go dramatic on her makeup. I like to see how much color a person can handle and Jana could handle a lot so I had fun going for a glamorous ‘movie star’ look.

Shaded Autumn
(Deep Autumn)

I do love it when analyses are this easy. Rebecca was another easy one for me. Naturally deep auburn hair and dark eyes (darker than a warm autumn), and skin whose warmth is evident all point to a typical Deep Autumn.

Pure Winter
(Clear Winter)

I get excited when I see a true Clear Winter! I find them so rarely. The first batch of photos from Angela definitely looked like all Clear Winters to me: bright sparkling blue eyes and rich dark hair. I wanted to make sure though so I asked for more photos and they all looked the same to me so Clear Winter it was. In the photo on the left, the sunlight made her skin look warmer than normal (another reason I ask for more pictures) but there is a tiny bit of warmth in her skin, which is a clue that someone is a Clear Winter rather than a Cool Winter. The eyes alone cannot be the only clue since I have seen sparkly blue eyes on other seasons before, particularly Soft Summers. But those Soft Summers with sparkly eyes were paired with hair that was not naturally dark like Angie’s. As a child, her hair was super dark and her eyes sparkling. So Clear Winter was final analysis.

Shaded Winter
(Deep Winter)

Sabrina is a typical DEEP season with big dark brown eyes and naturally dark hair. Why is she not a Deep Autumn as opposed to a Deep Winter? That’s a good question especially since most Deep Autumn’s are not so obviously warm as Rebecca was (above). This is where skin plays the biggest part. There is a slight overtone of warmth on her but certainly not a lot. Deep Autumns skin is usually much warmer.

FYI: This a major difference between a Deep Winter and a Cool Winter-when there is some warmth present in the skin, this signals a Deep Winter. I’ve seen Cool Winters have the same dark eyes and hair but their skin was extremely cool and put them into the Cool Winter category. Sabrina is a Deep Winter without a doubt.

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