The Smokey Soft Summer

Main things to know about the Smokey Soft Summer:

  • Temperature: Cool
  • Value: Medium to Medium Deep
  • Chroma: Soft

Sister Season: Smokey Soft Winter

Sample best colors: Charcoal, navy, cadet blue, mulberry, deep sea green, steel blue.

Worst Colors: Anything too bright, especially warm colors. 

The Smokey Soft Summer needs to wear rich, cool colors that are muted. There is little to no warmth in your coloring. 

Monochromatic colors will look great on you. There will be a range of lighter to deeper soft colors you can wear, but keep most of the colors on the deeper side. Wearing colors that are too pale will not be strong enough for your coloring and will wash you out. Rich neutrals will look great on you.

This season gets mistaken for a Winter often. 

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