The Soft Autumn

The Soft Autumns need to wear only the most muted of the Autumn palette colors, since the colors of the Deep Autumn palette are way too overpowering and the warm rich colors of the Warm Autumn palette are too warm. Their coloring is quite neutral and they can wear soft colors from both the warm and cool colors but favor the warmer colors more. Avoid bright colors which will look garish or clown like. Their coloring can often look a bit "mousy" and boring unless they where their correct colors.

The Soft Autumn is a blend of both Autumn and Summer (autumn “flowing into” summer), and their blend of both warm and cool (though still having warm undertones) will show up quite neutral-neither obviously warm or cool.

Power Colors: Khaki, Buttermilk, Light Grey, Light Peach, Light Moss, Salmon, light lemon yellow

Avoid: Black, Dark Navy and Grey, bright red, fuchsia

Click here for some Celebrity examples of the Soft Autumn.

Some classic looks for the Soft Autumn

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