The Soft Summer

The Soft Summer is a blend of both Summer and Autumn (or Summer "flowing" into Autumn). The effects of this blending of cool and warm is a look that can be very neutral, especially when you look at the skin. The most important thing to remember is that your want to keep your colors soft and muted, nothing clear and bright and overpowering. Because of the soft coloring, it can be easy for a Soft Summer to appear "mousy" or bland if she doesn't wear her best colors. But when she does, her coloring takes on a beautiful soft elegance. The Soft Summer, to me, is THE most misdiagnosed season.

Power Colors: Medium to light Grey, Soft White, Purple, Medium Blue, Raspberry, Deep Rose, light Navy

Avoid: Electric Pinks and Blues, Clear bright oranges and corals, Black

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Some classic looks for the Soft Summer

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