The Eyes Have It!

The eyes have it. “It” meaning a key factor in determining your Season. Personally, for me, I find eye color is about an 80% factor when I analyze someone’s coloring.

Eyes will generally have many of the same characteristics that is used for your overall look. That's why they are important in determining your Season.

Clear & Bright: Blue, Green, or hazel……you are probably a Clear Spring, Clear Winter or a Light Spring

Cool & Soft: grey or blue…….you are probably one of the 3 Summers

Warm & Golden: Brown, topaz, Hazel or green.You are probably a Warm Spring or Warm Autumn

Soft & Muddy: Hazel or Turquoise…you are probably a Soft Summer or Soft Autumn

Deep Dark brown or rich hazel….you are probably a Deep Autumn or Deep winter.

While on the subject of eye colors, it’s a common question to be asked “what color eye shadow should I wear with my blue (or brown or hazel or green) eyes?”

The answer depends on what your season is. A golden-brown eyed Warm Autumn would not want to wear the dark plum, purples and icy blues that a cool-brown eyed Deep Winter could wear. Knowing your Season unlocks the mysteries around which colors would look best on you. The same goes foundation, blush, lipstick, and all makeup, and of course your clothes and hair color. That's why I consider it one of the most important tools for looking your best!

What about Colored Contacts?

Now that you’ve studied your eye color, let’s move on to your Hair Color.