Virtual Color Analysis

Find your True colors with a professional, in-depth virtual color analysis by Lora Alexander.

All you need are several (the more the better) digital photographs of yourself that accurately shows your coloring (no iPhone or other cel cameras though, please. I need photos taken with a digital camera). 

Here are the 3 Steps to begin your Color Analysis

  1.  Purchase Color Analysis
  2.  Submit Questionnaire by accessing it here  (it will open a new page and it should have the questionnaire ready to go).
  3.  Send digital photos to 

That's it! If you have any questions or concerns along the way, just email me.  

IF all photos are sufficient and I have no additional questions for you, (fyi: I often need more photos and have additional questions) your analysis should be done within 5 business days. 

You will receive a written analysis as well with an eBook that corresponds to your season.

I will answer unlimited questions from you (via phone or email) for 2 weeks. Due to the volume of orders I get, I can't answer questions beyond this time frame unless you purchase more time with me and set up an appointment (I'm not militant about this rule though). 

Once you are sure of your season, individual Color Swatches can be purchased separately here.

(swatches are not included in the color analysis price)

Purchase Your Virtual Color Analysis 
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