Our second recipient of Pretty Your World’s Color Hall of Fame is:

Marcia Cross!

Marcia is a Warm Autumn. She knows her coloring very well and knows how to work with it to look fabulous.

She embraces her beautiful porcelain skin; she doesn’t even try to cover it up with a fake tan.

She knows her natural red hair is stunning and other than maybe notching the ‘saturation’ of the redness up or down a few notches, we wouldn’t dream of going blonde or brunette. At least I hope she wouldn’t dream of doing that!

She very frequently wears her best colors.

Even when she wears an outfit that is not in her palette, like this silver one below, her makeup and hair are always perfect.

Her Eyeshadows are in color complementing shades.

Lips and blush in warm natural Autumn colors.

This is why Marcia our 2nd Color Hall of Fame inductee!Congratulations!

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