Why Should I get a Style Portfolio?

If you ask yourself "Why Should I order a Personal Style Solutions Portfolio", the answer is:

Dressing is Easy and Looking Good is Hard

The evidence is right there in your wardrobe, just look on the left-hand side. There they are, all those poor orphan garments hanging there limp, unworn and unloved. Many clutching invisible guilty tags designed to remind of you of how much you paid for them and how little they have been worn. These are the clothes that every so often you put on and gaze disappointedly at your reflection in the mirror. You ask yourself, 'What on earth ever possessed me to buy that?', or 'How on earth was I convinced by the shop assistant that it looked fabulous on me?'

All of us have at some time hit the shops in a mad passion to buy something new, something special, something that will make us look terrific! With money in our pockets and a credit card ready to melt with the anticipation, we've scoured the shops for that special little number, only to return home empty handed or with a 'this will have to do' garment to try and quench our desire to buy something. As a result our wardrobe of clothes gradually beings to resemble a department store stock-take rack, and in truth only contains a few items that really make us feel good. And as a result we wear only those few garments most of the time leaving the others to hang silent and unloved in the dark. Shopping becomes a chore, success is a matter of luck and finding items that make us look great seems to get more difficult with each passing year.

* We are influenced by the likes and dislikes of our parents, friends or partners

* We are not taught about body shape, the dynamics of dress or line and design as we grow up

* Fashion is fickle and constantly changing, telling us one thing and then another

* We age and sometimes wonder if it's still OK to wear certain dress styles or accessories

* Our body changes shape over time through: child birth, menopause, illness, old age, weight gain and weight loss

* We are all busy and have less time to shop around for our clothes and accessories

* Our lifestyles, personality and values change over time

* We experience changes in our financial position

* Some develop unreasonable personal expectations

Thankfully, these dilemmas can been solved once and for all!

Equipped with a Style Solutions Portfolio which has been created especially for you; you will know which styles of clothes, accessories and colors make you look your best. When you are finished you will possess a wardrobe that:

* Is full of clothes you like and wear.

* Is a source of inspiration making each day's choice of what to wear easy and interesting.

* Contains colors and styles that make you look and feel great and accurately portray your unique personality blend.

* Contains clothing styles that can be easily mixed and matched to create many different looks.

* Contains accessories that can dress-up or dress-down your outfits or alter their look.

* Contains clothes and accessories that suit your budget lifestyle.

Afterwards we suggest you:

* Clean out the existing clutter in your wardrobe

* Organize what you have left

* Work out what items you need to purchase to fill in the gaps. * Work out what clothes suit your lifestyle and personality

* Find our how to purchase clothes that deliver the best value for your wardrobe dollars

* Arrange to have an online Color Analysis, if you haven't already

To order your Personal Style Solutions Portfolio Online now, press graphic below: