The 4 Seasons

The 4-Season Color System is what started the whole color analysis craze in the 1980's. They based on the basic color wheel where the cool colors are on the left and the warm colors are on the right.  People with cool characteristics (eyes, hair and skin) were considered Summers or Winters; People with warm traits were either Springs or Autumns. 

Before I go into the specifics, I would like to say that while compared to the much more advanced systems out there, including my ColorBreeze System (which has 22 seasons!), the 4 Seasons seem woefully outdated and almost ineffective. Indeed, I've heard that color analysis in general is woefully outdated no matter how 'advanced' it may be. So the 4-season system is normally just dismissed as useless. 

But I disagree. Those 4 seasons are what all the advanced systems are built upon. In reality, all the the new seasons or categories are simply sub-sections of the larger main category. So understanding what they are about is very important. 

Even if you never wanted to learn any of the advanced color systems and you only wanted to stick with the 4 seasons, that's ok. You will be better off than those who have no interest in enhancing their natural coloring and instead just follow every fashion color trend that comes along. 

If you do nothing but determine your basic undertone of warm or cool, you will be able to know what jewelry and metals will look better for you (silver for cools and gold for warms), or whether you should choose peach or pinky lipstick and blush (pink is cool; peach is warm). I assure you this is an important thing to get correct. 

So understand the concept of the original basic 4 seasons and then you can move on to the more complex systems later.

The 4 Season Color System just happened to match beautifully with the colors one would see in the North American landscape as they experience the 4 distinct weather seasons of Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter.

The soft, cool colors of Summer; fresh bright warm colors of Spring; cool, icy colors of Winter; and the warm, golden earth tones of Autumn. These created the 4 Season color system. 

All of the seasons in the 12, 16, and my ColorBreeze System are some sort of variation of these 4 main seasons.  They are important to understand well. 

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