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What's New at PrettyYourWorld.com

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I should probably put a disclaimer on the page saying that the quiz only gives an approximation of what your season is. It is only as accurate as the information you select. For example, I do see a lot of people describing their eye color as blue, lets say, and when I see a close up of their eyes, I see everything but blue—grey, green, gold flecks, etc. Or some people see lots of reddish highlights in their hair and I really don’t see any. If you want to be 100% sure of your season, consider a professional color analysis.

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Each month in this section, I want to focus on one season-explaining what it’s all about and how it differs from other seasons.

I’m going to start with the Soft Summer first, because the two “Soft” seasons—Soft Autumn and Soft Summer—are clearly the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed seasons out there. The Soft Summer has a high potential for being labeled a Winter by mistake, too, so I want to address this season first.
The easiest way I can explain the season differences is how I did in my book. Here’s an abbreviated version:

All seasons are going to be a mixture of 3 elements: HUE, VALUE, & CHROMA.

HUE—means what color something is—red, blue, orange, etc. Each hue is going to be either warm or cool or neutral in temperature.

VALUE—means how light or dark your coloring is. Kim Kardashian is dark, Gwyneth Paltrow is light.

CHROMA—means how saturated or pure your coloring is or how soft or muted it is.
Its these 3 variables that create the 12 seasons.

Each of the original 4 seasons—Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn—are have these 3 characteristics:
Winter: Cool (temperature), Deep (intensity) and Clear (chroma)
Summer: Cool, Light, and Muted
Autumn: Warm, Deep, and Muted
Spring: Warm, light, and clear
The distinguishing feature of each season is that only ONE of these three traits will be your DOMINANT characteristic. For example, if you are a Winter, is your dominant trait:
Cool: not able to wear any warm colors at all=Cool Winter
Deep: Dark hair and eyes, can wear dark warm colors, too=Deep Winter
Clear: bright or sparkling eyes, dark hair=Clear Winter.
Make sense?

Now lets look at the Soft Summer.
The Soft Summer has the dominant trait of “Soft”. Important: For our purposes, soft refers to chroma, not intensity. Other important aspects of the Soft Summer:
•Muted colors with greyed undertones look best on them. Bright overpowering colors look worst.
•Generally cool colors look best on them, but their overall colors are neutral compared to a Cool Summer. Hair, skin, and eyes can be very neutral-neither warm or cool being obvious.
•Eyes are often hazel-grey, soft blue, blue, soft grey, brown or a mixture of all colors.
•The patterns of the iris are often look smudgy and muted, not clear or sparkly.

•Besides being muted with little between eyes, skin and hair, a Soft Soften can also exhibit another look: Rich and velvety.
In this look you might find dark hair and eyes…often hazel or blue, steel grey, or brown. These types of Summers are most often miscategorized as Winters. Katie Holmes (below) is a perfect example. Katie has that rich, weighty, velvety look to her and I even labeled her a Winter at one time ( I try to correct my mistakes when I find them). But while darkening up her makeup could make her easily pass for a winter, her eyes reveal a softer side to her. Bright colored fuchsia lipstick and blush, for example, would not look best on her. She needs rich but not necessarily dark colors.

Read on to see another famous Soft Summer

Is Angelina Jolie a Summer??

My guess is that Angelina Jolie would most likely be labeled a Winter by most people. Again, I thought so myself until I really studied some photos of hers.

I think this photo below really illustrates the difference between a Winter and a Soft Summer.

Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie get compared to each other all the time. They are both ridiculously beautiful but what I’m looking at is their coloring. Notice Megan’ clear blue eyes and the obvious coolness of her skin (she’s a Winter). Compared to Megan, Angelina’s skin appears neutral and her eyes are most definitely muted. While Angelina has that ‘weighty’ appearance to her, it is not deep enough to put her in the Winter category. Most importantly, she’s lacking the element of clarity that Winters require. Instead, soft and muted is her dominant characteristic. My verdict: Angelina Jolie is a Soft Summer

What Do You Think?

What do you think? Got any ideas you’d like to see in upcoming newsletters? Any questions about color analysis that you’ve wondered about? Curious about a celebrity you’d like to know what her season is? If so, just email me at lora@prettyYourWorld.com or just reply to this email. I will answer your questions and listen to our ideas, suggestions and comments.

Next month, I’ll discuss the other Soft season: The Soft Autumn.

Know someone who’d be interested in learning more about the 12 season color system? Feel free to pass this editiion it along to them or have them sign up at PrettyYourWorld.com

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