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1.What’s New at www.PrettyYourWorld.com?
2.Seasonal Study: Soft Autumn
3.Featured Q&A: “Isn’t Michael Scott [Stevel Carell from “The Office”] a Winter?”?
4.What do you think?

What's New at PrettyYourWorld.com

The short answer is “not much”, at least not a lot of changes on my website this month. I am, however, working on a lot of new things you will be seeing in the coming weeks. I’m continuing to work on my makeup line which I’m SUPER excited about. More to come on that.

I’m wanting to make PrettyYourWorld.com a site where anyone who’s fascinated with color analysis can participate by submitting their own photos, questions, feedback, product reviews and more. In a few days, I will be putting a “Call for Models” again on my site. Last time I did that I needed them for my book, but this time I’d like to have a place where ‘real women’ can be featured who typify the coloring for each season. I heard a lot feedback from my book that they liked seeing the case studies from my actual clients. I want to extend that on to my site. If you’d like to submit your photo to appear on my site, just send me an email with your photo wearing your best colors and you’ll be featured on my site. You can put in some tidbits about yourself, extra photos, links to your favorite sites, etc. if you want to (my site currently has about 16,000 visits a month so if you want to promote something, go for it!). I think this will be fun as well as helpful to all of my visitors!

One new thing I did do was to update the SPRING PALETTES with more celebrity examples. Take a look here.

Seasonal Study: Soft Autumns

Last month I talked about the Soft Summer season. This month I’m taking a closer look at its ‘sister’ season, the Soft Autumn.
Like the Soft Summer, the Soft Autumn is one of the most mis-diagnosed seasons. They will often get confused with a Warm Autumn, Warm Spring and Light Spring, though I’ve seen them labeled as almost every season out there.
All Autumns have the characteristics of Warm (temperature), Muted (chroma) and Dark (level, though comparatively so). ONE of those characteristics will be the most dominant, and thus will determine which type of Autumn a person is.
Is DEEP the most obvious characteristic? You would be a Deep Autumn.
Is WARM the most obvious? You would be a Warm Autumn.
Is SOFT the most obvious characteristic? You’d be a Soft Autumn.

Soft Autumns can be the most difficult to determine due to the fact that they are not easily seen dark, or light, warm or cool at first glance. When nothing pops out as a dominant characteristic, I start to eliminate the most obvious season she is NOT. It helps to do this in most situations but particularly for the Soft Autumn.
The eyes are a good clue to look for in the Soft Autumn person. Most often, her (or his) eyes will be a muted or greyed color of brown, green, hazel, or amber. Look at Tyra Banks’ eyes:
They totally typify “soft”. See the caramel color mixed in on a grayish blue background. Soft Autumns are a perfect blend of warm and cool, though warm dominates. Thus, their eyes may be a blend of all sorts of colors.
Soft Autumns’ natural hair color can be a blend of all sorts of colors too. It is common for them to say their hair is “mousy” with no natural highlights. Strategically placed subtle highlights will almost always look great on the Soft Autumn.

Two women who I use all the time as examples of the Soft Autumn are the Olsen twins. Though I do see them experimenting with their hair and makeup often—usually too dark or bright—they do a good job at capturing their best look most of the time.

Compare their soft warm coloring to Lindsay Lohan and Julia Roberts below.

Lindsay is a Warm Autumn. Julia is a Deep Autumn. All of them have the elements of warm, soft and deep (Deep is the obvious dominant characteristic for Julia; in the others it is relative to the levels of Springs and Summers.)
Often after the process of elimination, I will end of having to decide between a Warm or Soft Autumn. I will then see if the warmest, most golden colors of the Autumn palette will flatter the person. If they are too golden, too rich and “too much”, I’m sure I have a Soft Autumn. The Soft seasons often find it difficult to get their look just right; not too dark or not too bright.

Avoid black, fuchsia, and royal blue.

Colors like khaki, soft peach, honey, grey-green, buttermilk, periwinkle, camel and tomato are some of their best colors.

Question of the Month

Q: What season would a person be who is Cool/Dark/Soft? …(and) how come Michael from The Office is classified as a Soft Summer, since he wouldn't fit into the description of Soft Summer on your site. He seems a lot darker than the description allows for.”
Kristina S., Sweden

A: "Cool Dark and Soft".....they dont really exist for our purposes here. The darker a cool color becomes, the more clear or saturated it is. Think of a blue sapphire...its dark, cool and clear. Just for the sake of understanding the difference, the Lighter a WARM color is, the more clear and saturated it is. Think of a sunny yellow. Its clear and light and fully saturated. For it to become 'darker'...you would have to add black or grey or some other opposite color and it dilutes its color. Hope that makes sense. However, someone can be soft and cool and relatively dark. Like Steve Carell. But they are not so dark as to make them a winter.
I always thought Steve was a winter, too. Especially watching him on The Office, he always wore those basic business colors of black and dark grey. He doesn't look bad, but to me there was something a little off on him. He would color his hair black and it was too much. I studied some pics of him on google images and I see his eyes are very muted...not clear like "Ryan" on the same show, or deep like "Kelley". I found some pics of him wearing some softly muted colors and they just seem to make him look so much better. Some Soft Summers can have dark hair and dark eyes and often get mistaken for Winters but they simply dont have the depth of coloring required of a winter nor the clarity needed. That's why I think he's a Soft Summer. Could I be wrong? Sure. And if I see I've made a mistake on someone, I will change it on m site (for example...Farrah Fawcett was actually a Light Summer, not Cool Summer...I think I fixed that on there). but so far I've not seen enough evidence of Steve being better in Winter colors than Summer. That could change of course.
Hope that addresses your questions. Let me know if you have any more. Thanks for visiting my site!
Lora Alexander

What Do You Think?

Got any ideas you’d like to see in upcoming newsletters? Any questions about color analysis that you’ve wondered about? Curious about a celebrity you’d like to know what her season is? If so, just email me at lora@prettyYourWorld.com or just reply to this email. I will answer your questions and listen to our ideas, suggestions and comments.

Next month, I’ll discuss the Clear Spring season (#3 on my list of most misunderstood seasons).

Know someone who’d be interested in learning more about the 12 season color system? Feel free to pass this editiion it along to them or have them sign up at PrettyYourWorld.com

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