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What's New at PrettyYourWorld.com

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New Feature: A Closer Look

Check out my new feature called “A Closer Look” where I take one celebrity a week and look closer at his or her coloring and season. I also let visitors tell me what they think: whether they agree or disagree with my assessment. Yes, I do get people who disagree with me.

This week’s Closer Look is Rashida Jones

Read some new review of my book!

New reviews are in from readers of my book!

Here are some from Amazon in the USA...

and a few from Amazon UK...

One lady left one on each. Bless her heart!

Seasonal Study: Clear Spring

Dominant Characteristic: Clear
Secondary Characteristic: Warm
Contrast Level: High

All Springs have the characteristics of Warm (temperature), Light (value) and Clear (chroma). The Clear spring has a dominant characteristic of Clear, which means the best colors are those that are fully saturated, and nothing muted. Even though its value is light, the colors are intense. The Clear Spring is like the highest wattage light bulb shining brightly.

Their eyes are usually always indicative of this, having bright and/or sparkly eyes in blue, green, hazel or turquoise. Their skin is usually light and translucent.

Jenny McCarthy is a typical Clear Spring:

Notice how her blue eyes have sharply defined edges. A light spring’s eyes are usually less contrasting.

Let’s take a look at a few differences between a Light Spring and a Clear Spring:

Light Spring Taylor Swift’s coloring (above) is light and delicate. It’s much warmer than the Clear Spring (though not so warm as to make her a Warm Spring.)

Comparatively, Clear Spring Tara Reid’s coloring (above) is more neutral than Taylor’s, though she will still favor warm colors over most cool colors. The higher intensity level of Tara’s eyes is evident.

In fact, because of their ability to handle such bright colors, they can wear some of the colors only Winters could wear previously, like black and fuschia. On any other Spring, those colors would overpower them. Similarly, you will often see the Clear Spring go full blown blonde and it doesn’t usually look cheap or artificial on them as it would on almost anyone else. Perhaps that was their natural color at one time in their lives.

One question I often get is “why are all of the Clear springs blondes?”. Well, again, most of them were probably blondes at some time in their lives, even if it was as a small child. We all know blonde hair can ‘go dark’ at some point in one’s life. No doubt these Clear Spring examples do bleach their hair. But the difference is it looks good on them, where it would just not look natural on most other seasons, perhaps with the exception of a Light or Cool Summer. They have the ability to handle the bold look.

I know I will get some comments from women who say they were typed as a Clear Spring but they have naturally dark hair, even black hair. While I’m sure they have the quality of “clear” to them in the equation, most likely they are actually some sort of Winter. However, I don’t like to be hard lined about anything so if anyone has any examples to show me, I will be open to it. But according to Munsell, the 18th century artist of whom the 12 Season color system is based on, for a WARM color to be fully saturated, it needs to be Light: think of a fully saturated sunny yellow. For cool colors to be fully saturated, they need to be dark: think of a sparkling sapphire blue. So Clear, bright and warm (saturated) seasons –Springs—are usually always Light (or blonde) and Clear bright and cool seasons—Winters—are usually dark. (brunettes).

Here’s another celebrity Clear Spring Julianne Hough, going full blown ‘barbie’ blonde and she looks fabulous!

Look at some other clear springs here…..

Question of the Month

Question: Hi. I recently purchased deep autumn swatches from you and i love them; however I'm a bit confused. Here on your website as well as other tests & websites, colors include black, deep reds like burgundy. I know coral & turquoise look good on most yet they're not included. There's no variation on reds & I know for a fact that deep colors like black & reds like burgundy look amazing on me. I'm latina tanned or cafe au lait w golden undertones extremely dark eyes and hair with red undertones. I hope you can see my confusion. Could you please clarify this for me, as I thought I was paying to receive all of my colors. Thank you for your response & understanding.

My Answer: Thank you for writing me with your concerns. I understand your issue as I would probably have the same questions. You bring up a good point and I should put a note on my site about the fact that not ALL of the colors listed on my site or even my book might appear in the swatches and some colors may be in the swatch that are not listed on my site.
Since there are literally thousands of variations of the palette colors that could be suitable for you (for example,a few shades lighter or darker of each color would be acceptable for each season), its impossible to make a swatch with every possible color that could fit in your season without it being huge and impractical to use for shopping. So my manufacturer, who is a leading image consultant in Australia, created what she thought were some of the best colors for the Deep Autumn season, though of course there could be more.
That said, I definitely want you to be happy with your purchase. If you'd like to return them for a full refund I'd be willing to do that. I still think the colors are representative of the types of colors a Deep Autumn would wear but again, customer satisfaction is most important to me. Let me know what you think.

Client’s Response:

"Hi Lora,
Thank you so much for taking the time to address my concerns; and for your prompt response. You have absolutely answered my questions. I understand now, and I will definitely not be returning them, I LOVE my swatches...I love your website and the your way of analyzing color.

Thank you for your excellent customer service."
G., New York, NY

I Need Your Help!

I’m starting a new section just for makeup reviews! Not the usual reviews of cosmetics, like “this lipstick stayed on for hours” but color suggestions for each of the 12 seasons.
Found a beautifully soft cool lipstick that would look great on a Soft Summer? Or did you find that perfectly neutral pinky/peachy blush that looks good on nearly everyone? Share it with others!
One of my long term plans this year is to do some extensive work researching popular makeup lines like M.A.C. and Bobbi Brown and others, to determine some of their best colors suitable for each of the 12 seasons. Until I can do that, I thought suggestions from my color savvy visitors would be helpful. I’m finding that my loyal visitors are quite sophisticated and knowledgeable about color analysis (they keep me on my toes, that’s for sure!) Collectively they have done so much more research on so many different products than I could put together right now. Just contact me if you have some suggestions and I will let you know how to post them on the new section on my site. Thank you!!

and my other new feature...

Have you had your colors analyzed by me and are happy with the results?
Or have your figured out your colors from the information on my site or book? Want to show off your true colors? Submit your photos to “Show Your True Colors”, a new feature on my site. I want my clients to become more active in my website. Some clients have sent me dozens of photos of themselves wearing every color under the rainbow to help me with their color analysis. One even sent me a PowerPoint program of herself! I think it would be helpful to others to see other people wearing their right colors (or wrong colors, if you want to post those, too). Just send me a note saying you’d like to submit your pictures and I will send you instructions on how to do so.

Last but not least:

Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter when I will be discussing the Clear Winters~

Note: my makeup line is still in the works. Stay tuned!

I plan on sending out my newsletter every 3 weeks instead of 4. I have a lot to say and sometimes I can’t wait for a full month!

Take care!


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