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The ColorRevival Review!

What's in this issue?
1. What’s New at PrettyYourWorld.com?
2. Update on my makeup line.
3. Seasonal study: Light Spring vs. Light Summer
4. Question of the Month: "What season is Molly Sims?"

What's New at PrettyYourWorld.com

I have a new celebrity for my “A Closer Look” segment. Can you guess what season Anderson Cooper is?

Update on my makeup line

The Good news is that I’ve found a company whose quality and colors are fabulous. I spent what felt like an eternity developing colors for each of the 12 seasons. I’m super excited about the line and can’t wait to launch it.

The not-so-good-news is due to economic concerns, it may take awhile before I can launch it. Since I cannot launch the entire line right now, I think I will launch a makeup kit of two eyeshadows, one lipstick, one liner, and one blush for each season to start with. I will add more colors over time.

If you’d like to be notified when they will be available, just contact me. I will be forming a notification list. You will be the first to know when they will be available for purchase. Also, let me know if you have any suggestions, or ‘wish list’ items.

Seasonal Study: Light Summer vs. Light Spring

I wanted to take a closer look at the LIGHT seasons this month: Springs and Summers.

Conceptually, the differences can be obvious but visually, it is often much more difficult to determine. Both have the dominant trait of “Light”. The Spring has the secondary trait of “Warm”, and Summer has the secondary trait of “cool”. The 3rd traits are “clear” and “muted”, respectively. Because you will most often find the naturally blue eyed blondes in both season, it can be tricky to tell the difference. Below is a photo which I think exemplifies the difference between the two seasons:

Elin Nordegren (left), otherwise known as Mrs. Tiger Woods, is a classic Light Summer. When you compare her coloring to Kate Hudson (right), who is a Light Spring, you can see some obvious differences:

Elin’s hair is a much cooler blonde; Kate’s hair is more golden blonde.

Elin’s skin is matte and cool; Kate’s is warmer. Typically, all Springs skin, without makeup, appear more shiny or transparent. Kate obviously has makeup on in this photos so it isn’t as apparent.

Elin has an overall look of coolness to her; Kate has the traditional “peaches and cream” look to her. Elin’s pink lipstick and Kate’s peach lipstick were perfect choices for their seasons.

What happens if one season wears the other season’s colors? Most likely, they might look ok. Even good. But as my saying goes, why look good when you can look great?

Below are some examples of each season wearing the other season’s colors. Can you see the improvement of wearing the right colors (the photo on the right.)

(left) Light Spring Kate Hudson is wearing mauve colored dress and pretty much matching makeup. It’s not extreme, like wearing fuchsia blush and lipstick and electric blue eyeshadow would be. But the coloring is suitable for a LIGHT cool person, or in other words a Light Summer. But she has warm undertones and the dusty cool mauve just doesn’t look as good as the “peaches and cream” look does (right). You can see golden blonde hair wanting to shine in the first picture and the coolness of her colors preventing it from doing so. Again, it’s subtle, but distinct.

Next we have a Light Summer going for a Light Spring look below.

Here on the left, Light Summer Naomi Watts is wearing Light Spring colors: light yellow dress, peachy-brown lipstick and blush, and her eyebrows are colored warm brown. Compare this to her photo on the right, and you can see how the light cool pastels she’s wearing looks so much fresher and harmonious. Particularly the pink blush and lipstick look so natural on her and clarifies her face, whereas the brown/peach colors seem to create some unnecessary shadows. Who wants that?

As I mentioned, sometimes seeing the differences can be very difficult. This is where you will want to test drape colors to find your undertones. Go to the extreme and test some very cool colors like baby blue, royal blue and fuchsia vs. golden yellow, peach and golden brown. You should see one set of colors looking better (maybe not the “best”) than the other set. Once you know your undertones, and your dominant characteristic, you’ve got your season!

Question of the Month: "What season is Molly Sims?

I often get requests to analyze a specific celebrity. Out of all of the requests, I will be choosing one to analyze and show in my newsletter. My client Luana requested model Molly Sims be analyzed. Here’s what I think…

Do you agree?

Do you have someone you’re really curious about as to her/his coloring? Drop me a note at lora@prettyyourworld.com

Note: Last month I said that this month I would showcase the Clear Winter season. But I changed my mind due to so many questions about the Light Seasons in the last month. But I believe this link illustrates the difference between the a Clear Winter and a Cool Winter well: https://www.prettyyourworld.com/alexis-bledel.html

Until next month, take care,


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