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What's in this issue?
1. What’s New at PrettyYourWorld.com?
2. Ebook coming soon!
3. Seasonal study: Deep Autumns
4. Question of the Month: "Why does it take so long to get my swatch?"

What's New at PrettyYourWorld.com

I have a new celebrity for my “A Closer Look” segment. Can you guess what season Beyonce is?

"Color Revival" in eBook version!

Coming Soon: My book “ColorRevival: Understanding the 12 Season Color Theory” will be available in electronic format within the week! Download it instantly and be able to carry the information, including full color palettes, on your iPhone or other portable device. I will be including some new information not available in the printed book!
You will still be able to purchase the physical form here

Due to some personal issues I’ve needed to deal with, I haven’t posted a lot of new content lately. It seems I go through phases of intense creativity and then nothing. The creative phase is coming soon, I can feel it. So please stay tuned!

Seasonal Study: The Deep Autumn

Before I talk specifically about Deep Autumns, I wanted to show you a chart I made that will hopefully explain further the 12 season system. This is new content for my eBook but I thought I’d share it with my newsletter subscribers first.

Since I study the differences between the 12 seasons all the time, each one becomes its own unique world to me, with its own special traits. But I do find it helpful to go back to the basics in how these 12 seasons formed in the first place.

The 12 seasons system that I follow can also be called the “Flow Seasonal Theory”. In this, the traditional 4 seasons- Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring-will flow into one another. At the points where they overlap, this creates a new season. For example, the Deep Autumn is really a blend of Autumn and Winter. The person has the warmth of the typical Autumn season, but the intensity of a Winter.

The chart below shows the relationships:

Let’s look at the Winter season, for example. From the chart you can see that a Winter that flows into a summer is a Cool Winter; into an Autumn is Deep Winter; into a Spring is Clear Winter.

Where the seasons overlap, you will find some shared colors. The Clear Spring and Clear Winter will share some colors like Emerald Green and black (the only Spring that contains black in its palette!) The The Cool Winter and Cool Summer will share colors like Violet and Deep Rose.

I like this chart because it shows why someone who is a Soft Summer might look good in say an Olive color, because they are a blend of Summer and Autumn. Some of those ‘traditional’ autumn colors might pop up the Soft Summer. Notice that where seasons blend, you will find the colors to be more neutral than strictly warm or cool. Unless your dominant characteristic is Cool or Warm, the remaining seasons are a blend of both warm and cool. So that’s why its important to not begin your analysis looking for only warm or cool (unless it’s the most obvious trait). You need to look for the 6 dominant characteristics first: Light, Dark, Warm, Cool, Soft, Clear. Then when you figure out the secondary characteristic, you will find your season.

The Deep Autumns

As I stated previously, the Deep Autumn is a blend of Autumn and Winter. Or in other words, an Autumn who ‘flows’ into a Winter. I hear lots of stories of clients who were labeled Winters by one analyst and then told they were an Autumn and back again. That was the limitation of the 4 season system.

Raquel Welch and Sophia Loren are two classic examples of the Deep Autumn.

Click here to see some modern day Deep Autumns...

One of those is Natalie Portman. Deep eye and hair and it’s easy to think she may be a Winter. But first we look for her dominant characteristic: DEEP

Next, her secondary characteristic: WARM. Why?
Look at her eyes closer. Warm Autumns will often have that amber glow to them.

But what revealed to me more than anything she was a Deep Autumn and not Deep Winter was this picture:

The “traditional” winter makeup color she’s wearing is too cool and too bright and too overpowering on her! She’s not a Winter.

Paula Abdul is another Deep Autumn.
In her younger days she pretty much embraced the colors and looked great.

When she tries to go strictly Winter colors like in the left photo, it’s too flat and overpowering. Warming up her makeup and adding warm highlights (right) make all the difference!

Sometimes I do get stuck myself on those clients whose hair is naturally black and their eyes are almost black, too. It is then that I look at the skin. It’s how I came to the conclusion that Barack Obama was a Deep Autumn, too (I think Michelle might be a Deep Winter; the jury’s still out on her). Barack Obama’s skin is so warm and I can see the definite yellow undertones. This shows that while his dominant characteristic is Deep, he clearly has warm undertones. I also noticed that those icy blue ties and cool blues he must wear to look “presidential’ don’t really enliven him. Unfortunately I haven’t found any pictures of him wearing his best colors yet, either. I will be on the lookout.

Question of the Month: "Why does it take so long to get my swatches?"

I am a small business. I'm growing bigger every month but I'm not yet so big that I can stock my inventory with thousands of dollars worth of swatches. I will someday! I just can't do that yet. I try to keep several of each season in stock but sometimes I go through a run of Cool Summers (like last month) or the Soft seasons, my most ordered. Therefore, it is hard for me to keep every season in stock at this time. I'm hoping by Fall to offer same-day-shipping. I will post a huge sign on my site when that is available. Until then, I will have to order them from my supplier who is in Australia. Most people say they are worth the wait!

Even if I'm in stock, if a client is out of the USA, its anybody's guess as to when it will make it there. I've seen a swatch arrive in Russia in 8 days and one in Canada not for 5 weeks! The Canadian one apparently had to go through customs and I dont really understand the ins and outs of customs but they can tie things up royally sometimes. So please realize this if you are ordering internationally. That said, clients from all over the globe have received my swatches and I've gotten wonderful feedback.

In my next newsletter I will discuss the Deep Winter, update you on my makeup line (no, I haven’t abandoned it!), as well as some new updates to my site.

Until next month, take care,


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