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1. What’s New at PrettyYourWorld.com?
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3. Seasonal study: Pushing Boundaries of your Season

What's New at PrettyYourWorld.com

I have a new celebrity for my “A Closer Look” segment. Can you guess what season Bret Michaels is? To be honest, I'm not 100% sure myself. I'm more like 85% sure.

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Pushing the Boundaries of your Season

I believe that every person will be one of 12 seasons and that particular season will be the one whose colors will make you look your best, be the easiest to maintain (i.e. less work), and look the most natural. With that said, I do think with all the cosmetic products available to women (and to some extent, men), it is possible to push yourself into a different season and still look fabulous. It’s extra work and usually more expensive, but if you are one who just hates her season or at least earns for some variety, here are a couple of suggestions:

• Its’ easiest to switch seasons within your main season. For example, moving from a Soft Autumn to a Warm Autumn is much easier to pull off than trying to pull off any sort of Winter, Spring or Summer.
• If you don’t stay within your main season, the next easiest is to stay with your dominant characteristic. For example, it’s not too difficult to go from a Deep Autumn to a Deep Winter, or vice versa. Or to go from a Soft Summer to a Soft Autumn.

• The most difficult is going in the complete opposite direction of your dominate season. A Deep Autumn or Winter rarely looks natural with bleached blonde hair. Likewise, naturally blonde women with light eyes look very artificial with dark hair. See examples below:

Light Spring Cameron Diaz doesn’t look horrible with black hair. But she looks better and so much more natural with her blonde hair.

Juliette Binoche is a Deep Winter. Bleaching her hair just drains the vitality from her face.

And it’s really tough to successfully pull off a look when you simultaneously go in the opposite direction of both your dominant characteristic and your secondary characteristic.

Cool Winter Brooke Shields looks pale and even sickly when she tries to both lighten and warm her coloring.

But if you have a burning desire, time and money to invest in a different look, then go for it. To increase your chances of it looking good, you should consider three things:

1. Makeup
2. Hair color
3. Colored Contact lenses

Makeup is one of the most obvious things you will need to modify. For example: changing from a Deep Winter to a Deep Autumn will require you to really warm up your makeup. This will include your foundation as well.

Next in line is to modify your hair color. Using the example above, changing from Deep Winter to a Deep Autumn will require some definite warm or red highlights at a minimum.

Probably the most profound change you can make if you want to push yourself into a different season, especially a radically different season, is colored contact lenses. Because eye color is so important to me in analyzing someone’s colors, when they are wearing colored contacts, it can totally throw me off. Therefore, if you change your eye color, you can increase your chances of really looking natural when you go for a different seasonal look. Check out the examples below.

My new favorite website, www.taaz.com, allows you to apply makeup and haircolor virtually. It also allows you to change your eye color. Did I mention how addicted I am to Taaz? Try it out yourself.

On Taaz, I uploaded a picture of my Cool Winter model from my book and lightly added some warm foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick and haircolor. While she doesn’t look bad, the overall look does not harmonize well because her blue eyes are way too cool. They clash with everything else that is warm on her.

But see what a change the contacts lenses make!(below)

The warm colored contacts completes the picture, making everything harmonize together. Which photo looks better? That’s in the eye of the beholder. But I do know which is easiest to maintain. The left photo is her natural coloring, therefore involves the least amount of work and money. And I personally feel it is the best look for her. It’s what nature gave her after all.

Despite all my talk about finding your ‘right season’, however, I am not militant about ‘only wearing your right colors’ at all costs. Sometimes people want a change, sometimes they just simply love a certain look, sometimes they just want to have fun. I will always say that wearing your true palette of colors is the easiest, cheapest and most often the best way to look young, vibrant and healthy. But if you are truly itching for a change, then I say go for it.

One of my earliest memories about "color rules" taught me not to follow them if it means being unhappy.

TRUE STORY: The Purple Basket

When I was young, my family had very little money. On special occasions like my birthday and Christmas, my parents managed to scrape together enough to get me something special. When I was 5, my parents bought my first bike from a neighbor for $3.00. It was old and more than a little beat up, but I loved that bike! We had just enough left over to buy a basket for the front of it. A basket hanging in front of my handle bars, allowing me to take my stuffed animals with me everywhere I went, was just as much a reason for wanting a bike as the bike itself. The bike was red, so of course I needed a matching red basket. But when my brother took me to the local department store in our small town, they had no red baskets. The only color they had left was purple and “purple and red don’t go together”, the sales lady told me. I remember her holding it next to her flaming red employee jacket to emphasize this. Being only 5 and painfully shy, who was I to disagree with this obvious iron clad rule? She said it would be a good idea to wait until more red baskets came in. But they never did get more red baskets in that store in my small town (and online shopping was decades away.) At least not before I outgrew my first bike and was “too old’ for a basket on my new, bigger bike (or so my brother told me). I learned a valuable lesson that day from the basket that never was to be.

It wasn’t the saddest thing that ever happened to me of course. But there will always be a little resentment that I let that saleslady and some silly rule about colors deny me some happy memories riding my favorite stuffed animals around on my beat up bike.
This is why, while I give you lots of ‘rules’ about colors and seasons, they are just guidelines. If something gives you genuine pleasure in life, take it where you can find it, regardless of the rules.

*Just for Fun*

I’ve been wanting to give Hillary Clinton some advice on her coloring. She just doesn’t seem to get it right most of the time. I hope she doesn’t mind me using Taaz to give her a virtual makeover. She’s a Light Summer (I know other websites have labeled her nearly every other season out there, but I believe she’s a Light Summer). She needs to lighten up on the jackets, ditch the earthy browns and add some pink to her lipstick and blush. What do you think?

Until next month, take care,


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