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1. What's New at PrettyYourWorld.com
2. Special STYLE Edition: Combining your Style with Your Season.

What's New at PrettyYourWorld.com

I’m very sorry for the long delay in getting out this current newsletter. Thank you for your patience.

As you might have heard, my laptop died recently. It was very frustrating and I had to stop doing color analysis for awhile. I’m back up and running, albeit on an older but semi-competent computer. Most updates to my site have been via my blog. Be sure to check it out!

As you will see from my blog, I’m working on expanding my site to include information and suggestions concerning clothing and style-related issues. Besides getting specific requests for these types of topics, it stems from some frustration I hear sometimes from people who feel that their seasonal palette of colors just doesn’t ‘mesh’ with their personalities.
Here are the two most common types of complaints I hear concerning this issue:

“I’m a Cool Winter? There is no way I can see myself wearing hot pink, royal blues and ruby reds! I’m much more reserved (or conservative, down to earth, ladylike, etc). The colors just do not match my personality.”
“There is no way the muted colors of the Soft Summer/Soft Autumn season is something I can wear. They are too boring for me. I have a dynamic personality and need bold colors to reflect that.” (note: I get this complaint often from people who mistakenly thought they were Winters until they were analyzed.)

This brings up a very good question, which was succinctly asked just a few days ago by one of my clients in Nevada who always felt she was an earthy autumn, and not the sparkly spring I analyzed her as: “How can one marry who they are on the inside to the realization of what actually looks best on them on the outside and still be authentic?” Great question, huh?

That’s why I wanted to focus exclusively on this topic for my (long overdue) latest newsletter.

I believe that whatever your style is, you can use the colors in your palette to create the look you want. Let’s use my client’s Light Spring season as an example. She likes earth tones, feeling like they mesh with her down-to-earth personality. I explained to her that there are some beautiful earth tones in the Light Spring palette. They are just a bit lighter and clearer than Autumn colors. For example, instead of medium brown, she would choose a camel brown; instead of pumpkin orange, she’d choose peach; instead of olive, she’d choose a light sage. Here’s a celebrity example of a Light Spring which epitomizes this light earthy look. Taylor Swift’s brown dress, which has a soft sheen to it, combines beautifully with her golden honey blonde hair and light makeup. Still very down-to-earth and not shiny or sparkly like she could pull off if/when she chooses to.

Every palette can be utilized in the same way. Are you one whose palette dictates you need low contrast to harmonize best but you are used to showcasing your beautiful blue eyes and those dusty blues and greys seem painfully boring to you? Well, first I would say that I feel that when someone is wearing their best colors and their contrast is perfect, they are going to harmonize beautifully and that it and of itself is a dramatic thing! And you can always make your eyes pop by applying the colors in the right way to showcase them, regardless of the recommended eye shadow (more to come on makeup application in future newsletters and blogs)

Combining the colors in the right way is what matters.

How do you spice up a Soft Autumn palette of medium brown, amber and peach?
How about some tiger print. Animal print is never boring.
Same goes for the Soft Summer. Snake print livens up your ‘boring’ greys.

One thing I want to clarify is that I’m specifically talking about your own personal ‘style’ like Romantic, Classic, Dramatic, and Natural. I’m not talking about your psychological “personalities”, like whether you are a natural born leader, a great communicator, or great listener. Some color theories add to the mix the idea that in each season you will typically find certain personality traits like the ones I mentioned. I don’t’ believe it that at all. I know that my eBooks that I give out with the swatch purchases has information about this and I usually give the disclaimer that while I agree with every other statement in the book, I am just not a big believer in this theory. I believe personalities are dynamic and can change throughout your life and are shaped by your environment and natural temperament. Besides, the very first trait for the Warm Autumn, which I am, says “Makes decisions easily”. WRONG! That is SO not me. Anyone who knows me personally knows I can’t make a decision to save my life. I agonize over every possibility before I finally make my decision, if I do at all. So bottom line, what I’m talking about is your STYLE, not your personality. I just wanted to clarify that. If you happen to believe in this theory, that is great. I just do not.

So to reiterate:

You can pull off any style you want to with the colors in your season.
To illustrate this I’ve put together some celebrities who are known for a specific style and as you will see all seasons can fit into any Style. First let me explain a few things about the celebrities I’ve chosen. Most are “vintage” celebrities because I feel that too many of today’s celebrities, especially the young ones, change their looks far too often. They haven’t shown some relative consistency in their look to develop a signature style. (There are a few that have, but not many.)

I’ve chosen 4 of the most common Styles: Dramatic, Romantic, Natural, and Classic. Some beauty books will expand these out to 6 or 10 or more and then of course there are blends of each as well. For the sake of simplicity, I’ve categorized them into 4, combining "romantic" and "alluring" for example.
Typically, due to their intrinsic nature, some seasons lend themselves to one style over the other. For example, Winters are often considered Dramatics, Summers as Classic, Autumns as Natural and Springs are Romantic. And there are many examples of this. But you will find every season in every style. Notice below that Ginger from Gilligan’s Island is a Warm Autumn but no one can deny her style is Romantic/Glamorous while Deep Winter Mary Ann is arguably a Natural. See what I mean? I had to use them as an example, it was my favorite show when I was little. Last but not least, I didn’t find examples for all 12 seasons, though I could if I had the time. I instead categorize them as their main season of Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn.

(*Note: a couple of photos could not be resized so are larger than others...sorry)

DRAMATIC Style (or Arty, Exotic, Offbeat)

CLASSIC Style ( or Conservative, Elegant)

NATURAL Style (or Casual, Sporty)

ROMANTIC Style ( or Feminine, Sexy, Alluring)

Until next month, take care,


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