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What's in this issue?
1. Update on me and PrettyYourWorld
2. What season is Khloe Kardashian and Kate Middleton?

What's New at PrettyYourWorld.com

Since my new computer is not yet available, I'm creating this newsletter at my local library, which has a time limit. Please excuse any typing errors your might find. After I get my new computer, then errors are unacceptable and you can write in to inform me of them as some of you currently do :-)

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IMPORTANT: My manufacturer of my swatches will be closing down for about 3 weeks at the end of the year. As a result, I will not be able to have individual swatches for purchase nor will complete color analysis packages be available during this time either. If you want any of these, be sure to purchase now. The swatches and full color analysis packages will be unavailable from Dec 19 2010 to about January 10, 2011. So order now!


Update on Me

I've recently accepted a job in my old field of Finance. But Pretty Your World WILL continue to grow as I have no intention of neglecting my site. In fact, working another job will allow me to finally launch my makeup line (pushing for Spring 2011-no later than May, hopefully sooner) and build my inventory of swatches to allow me to offer same day shipping. I have other plans for 2011 and will keep you all abreast of everything that happens. I'm even taking on a full time assistant which will help keep things running smoothly.

I wanted to have a grand re-opening of my site in September for my 2 year anniversary. But due to massive computer problems, this was not possible. I'm super excited because I just ordered a brand new computer, which should arrive in time for Christmas. This will allow me to make updates quicker, respond to emails faster and to continue to work on my newest book project: creating a book for each of the 12 seasons, going in to greater detail with each season.

FYI: In the early part of 2011, I will be offering a section geared exclusively for men, including a male version of "My Private Stylist". There is nothing else like this in the world. I'm very excited about expanding my Men's portion of my business.

Having a job again will finally allow me to explore some brand name cosmetics and recommend specific items for each season, something everyone asks for. The only reason I have not explored this yet is simply a financial one: 2009 and 2010 has been the toughest years financially I've experienced as an adult. While I never want to experience these financial hardships again, I wouldn't have traded it for anything either. I built Pretty Your World from scratch, knowing nothing about ecommerce. I've analyzed and talked to women from all over the world and made a few good friends in the process. I don't plan on giving any of that up. In fact, my goal is to expand Pretty Your World to its highest potential.

I want to thank all of my clients and visitors for your continued support and look forward to much more to come.

I'd love to hear any more suggestions for my site? Want specific issues addressed? Suggestions for article/blog topics? Just let me know.

Is Khloe Kardashian the same season as all of her sisters?

I have to admit to watching "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" every now and then. All of the sisters, and their mother, strikes me as classic Deep Winters. Except Khloe. I always thought the jet black hair just seemed "too much" on her. While at first glance she seems to fit right in as a Deep Winter, and she doesn't look bad, I actually think she is naturally a Deep Autumn. Here's why:

I remember an episode where Khloe wanted to take a DNA test because she thought she was adopted since she looked so much different than her siblings. (She took the test; she was a Kardashian.) So I checked out her childhood photos and as you can see below, she is much lighter than her sisters.

Also, if you look at her eyes closely, you can see some gold and green (indicators of Autumn) where Kim and Kourtney's eyes are a flat dark brown. I know that black hair and 'wintery' look is the Kardashian trademark, but if Khloe ever wanted to differentiate herself from the group, I would suggest deep auburn hair and warmer makeup, as I've illustrated via www.taaz.com, below.

So what season is Kate Middleton anyway?

Finally, I've gotten inundated with requests from many U.K. visitors to analyze their soon-to-be Princess, Kate Middleton. In my latest blog posting, I wanted to acknowledge that I got their requests but had to be honest that I wasnt' 100% sure. I couldn't find enough high definition photos that show her eyes closely. Well, I bought an issue of "People Magazine" in which she was featured. Though I believe they made her eyes more green than they really are for the front page, I do think I've figured her out. Well, let's say I am now almost sure. I think she is one of those heavy (but not dark) velvety muted Soft Summers. She clearly favors cool colors and most of my readers think she is a Cool Winter, I tend to think that black and royal blue, while not looking bad at all, are just a tad too overpowering for her and instead charcoal and medium blue look better. She clearly has some warmth to her (green/hazel eyes for example) wheras a Cool season person would typically have blue or grey/hazel eyes and noticeably cool skin. This is why I proclaim Kate Middleton a Soft Summer. Well, I'm 80% sure at least :-)


Until next time, have a wonderful Holiday season!!


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