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1. What's New at PrettyYourWorld.com?
2. The Clear Spring season revisited.

What's New at PrettyYourWorld.com

Swatches are once again available!

So are Full Color Analysis packages.
Thank you for your patience!

New Affiliate Product: eSalon

As I stated in this blog post, I recently found a product I like enough to promote on my site. I even became an affiliate for the company. I used the product myself and had a great experience with then. I think anyone who colors their own hair should check into it.

Just for the record on how I promote products other than my own, this is what I do:
If I find something I like, I will see if they have an affiliate program. I don't look for programs first. I really have to like something to promote it.

What if I like something and they don't have an affiliate program? I will still talk about it and promote the product. For example, I think one of the best products you can buy for your skin is Renova, a prescription only skin cream. I can't make money promoting that. But it is something I use and think you cannot find anything over-the-counter that beats it.

Since I don't have many products I promote does this mean there isn't much I like? Well, no. There are a lot of good products out there but if they are ridiculously expensive or if there are alternate products you can buy cheaper with the same results, I of course will suggest the cheaper item. Why spend money needlessly? Anyway, that's how I do things. If I like something I will naturally see if I can earn a little income from promoting it. But if I can't, I will still recommend it. I can't recommend something I don't believe in.

Incidentally, I am open to reviewing products, books, websites, etc if anyone would like to send them to me. But I will give an unbiased and honest opinion.~

Color analysis is for EVERYONE, regardless of race.

I love getting positive feedback. Who doesn’t? I did my first African American client recently and despite everyone telling her she was a Winter, I saw the warmth in her skin, eyes and hair as a definite Warm Autumn. Here was her feedback after getting her swatches:

“Lora, My swatches arrived today and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. My only hope is to find my core colors in appropriate work attire. I am absolutely thrilled with my new colors. I wore a burnt orange jacket today and I absolutely glowed. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.”
-B. Patterson, Tennessee USA

Understanding the Clear Spring Season

Last March I did a newsletter describing those “high wattage” Clear Springs. I wanted to revisit this season once more because I’m beginning to see a big disconnect between the way I (and a few other image consultants who are trained like I was) and other 12 season color analysis systems view them. At least I think there is. Over the last year I have had more than a few women who were analyzed as a Clear Spring and then came to me for an analysis and I saw a totally different season. Or someone who I analyzed as a Soft Summer came back to tell me I was wrong because they were just draped and found out they were in fact a Clear Spring—this has actually happened twice in the last year.

I’ve finally realized there must be a difference in how one system views clear springs and how I do. I do not want to come off as someone who is right and everyone else is wrong. I just want to be as accurate in my analysis as possible. If someone can show me the rationale behind the analysis, that would be great and I will learn from it. But as of yet, I am not seeing the rationale and until I do, I will continue to analyze a Clear Spring as someone who:

  • has clear bright or sparkling eyes
  • is naturally light overall—not dark. An obvious spring.
  • comes alive in bright warm colors like lime green, clear orange, sunny yellow.
It’s often easy to see clarity in someone-clear eyes, translucent skin, etc. When this is found, it signifies one of two seasons: Spring or Winter. The difference can be hard to determine sometimes if they either bleach naturally dark hair or they darken naturally light hair. Both looks can be great on them, but for the purposes of finding their natural palette, I would ask them what their natural hair color was as a child and teen. I would test hot pink and bright coral on them to see which is favored over the other. Most importantly I would look to see if they can handle and if they come alive in the brightest of the spring colors. If they don’t, they are not a Clear Spring. They may have stunning eyes that look clear, but if they do not look good in these colors, they aren’t a Clear Spring. That’s the purpose of color analysis: finding colors that make you glow.

Here’s a good example of a Clear celebrity who I could see being analyzed as a Clear Spring or Clear Winter. Australian star Danni Minogue has those bright hazel eyes I’m talking about.

With blonde hair, she looks Clear Spring like, Darken it and she looks Clear Winter. Which one is she? Well, I’m guessing from the lightness of her skin she is a Clear Spring. To do a full color analysis on her, I’d ask her about her hair when she was a child. Dark hair at 5 years old? Probably a Winter. Blonde from the start darkening later in life? Most likely a Clear Spring. Either way, what is obvious is her dominant characteristic and that is CLEAR.

Lastly, just to answer the question I get often, you CAN be a Clear Spring and have darker hair. You would just want to keep consistent with the overall look of a spring, for example some subtle warm highlights, avoiding ashy or too cool tones.

Incidentally, Danni’s younger sister Kylie Minogue is also a Clear Spring:

So this is how I understand the Clear Spring seasons. I will continue to do so until I am convinced otherwise. And don’t get me wrong, I am wanting to learn new things and be as accurate an analysis as I can possibly be. I am learning things I didn’t know or wasn’t aware of all the time. I’m learning more about eye color and will address that issue in a coming blog post. While they are still hugely important in my analysis, I’m lowering the number to about 70% critical, rather than 85%. One of the reasons for this is due to this Clear Spring issue. I’ve seen some women who have these amazing eyes…smokey blue with a burst of caramel in the middle…definitely their most striking feature. In the past I might have considered this a sign of being a Clear season. But their muted skin and hair didn’t follow suit and most importantly when I tried those high wattage Spring colors on them, they didn’t come alive like they should have. Indeed, these smokey sultry eyes turned out to be a Soft Summer often. Or even a Cool Summer. Or something completely different. Either way, eyes are an important component of an analysis but it must be taken in as a package with skin and natural hair color. ~

My makeup line

I’m guessing a few of you might think I’m making up this whole makeup line talk. I wouldn’t blame you. I had plans for it to be out last fall. Then this spring. As always, it comes down to money. I could not accept the job offer I spoke about in my last newsletter. At the last minute, it was just not feasible for me to move to another state. I might start the job at a later date this year; still not sure about that. But regardless, this has put a cramp in my plans to launch the makeup line the way I wanted to.

I WILL launch it though. It is not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN. I wanted to ask your opinion on something and would really appreciate some feedback. I wanted to have a fully stocked inventory before I launched my line so that I can offer fast same day shipping. Generally, makeup is a somewhat ‘impulse’ buy and consumers want it right away. I thought, though, about stocking only one item for all of the 12 seasons so I can take the photos and have the makeup on hand for an initial order. This I can do financially. But I know the initial products will sell out quickly and I will need to replenish items often. However, I’ve estimated that if someone orders something that is not in stock, it will take approximately 2 weeks for them to receive their items, USA only. I would invest all my profits into stock so I can quickly build up the necessary inventory.

So, would do you think? Would you be willing to wait a couple of weeks for makeup that is specially coordinated for your season? Or is it just too long to wait. Be honest. This will help me in my decisions moving forward. Thanks so much!! Just send me a quick email letting me know what you think.

Until next month, take care!


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