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What's in this issue?
1. What's New at PrettyYourWorld.com?
2. Tricks to finding your season: How much color can you handle?

What's New at PrettyYourWorld.com

New feature on my site!

"Real Women Showing there True Colors!"

I've found three women so far who have agreed to let me use their photos so other readers can see 'real women', not celebrities, as examples of their season. Through bribery, I'm hoping to have lots more in the coming months. See the three examples here.

I now have my own affiliate program!

Through my merchant provider ejunkie, all products and services (except the eSwatches) are available as products you can promote and make money from through your website or blog.

Details about it can be found here...

Tricks to finding your season:
How much color can you handle?

There are many ‘tricks’ I use to finding someone’s season. I guess you could say they are not tricks so much as just steps I use when someone’s season does not jump out at me, or if I’m debating between two seasons. After eliminating the seasons that person is obviously not (if there are any that are that obvious), I then see how much color a person can handle before it becomes overpowering on her (or him).

For example: There are 2 seasons that are strictly warm and two that are strictly cool. These are: Cool Winter, Cool Summer, Warm Autumn and Warm Spring
When I apply colors to a person via the software program on www.taaz.com, I try the coolest and the warmest colors first, the fully saturated colors. This should show me first whether they favor warm or cool colors better; and second, they should show me whether those colors are overpowering and whether that person needs a more neutral version of the colors.

For example if I’m testing a person I feel is an autumn, I try all of the richest, boldest colors first. If they are too overpowering color-wise, as opposed to value (a different matter), then I can eliminate the warm autumn season and now decide whether they are a Deep Autumn or Soft Autumn. The choice between these two seasons can be obvious when the client has lighter hair and would not be confused with a Deep season. What about dark haired soft autumns? They exist more than you think and they can be tricky to determine.

Here is a perfect example: Celine Dion. In my big training manual on color analysis, they listed Celine as a Soft Autumn. Clearly they were mistaken, I thought. She’s obviously a Deep Autumn. But then I studied photos of her more intensely and I know do believe my book was right. While not looking bad in the deep autumn colors, I think Celine really glows in the Soft Autumn colors below:

This is where color analysis really comes in handy as a tool that helps you look your best. By determining your season, you will know what the guidelines are of your season and know how far you can push your coloring, or how to best utilize its unique characteristics. I think Celine looks best when her coloring is quite muted and warm. In the second photo, her hair might looks a little light (at least on my monitor) but her makeup is perfect. It looks fresh and natural and beautiful.

Here are two more examples:

Reba McEntire is a natural red-head with blue eyes. As a natural red-head myself, I know how one’s once fabulously red hair can fade and turn blah. In the photo of Reba on the left, her hair looks rather faded and dark (though this particular photo is not the best quality). Those of us country music fans who first saw her in the 80’s could tell she was a natural redhead though. And eventually some stylist with a sense of color developed her look into one where she celebrates her Warm Spring beauty and takes her coloring to the max, quite beautifully I believe.

Jennifer Aniston is the classic Soft Summer. In her younger days, her coloring was quite dark, compared to what it is today, even darker than in the photo on the left. I would have considered her one of those deep, velvety Soft Summers. Nonetheless, she was a Soft Summer and the unique characteristics of that season include subtle colors, low contrast, cool yet neutral colors. Jennifer knows what suits her best and rarely goes too dark, too light, or too anything that doesn’t flatter her coloring.

Update: Me & my makeup line

Thanks to everyone who answered my question last month about whether they would wait a few weeks for makeup that was customized to for their season. Unanimously everyone said “Yes!” Bertha from Tennesse even said “I’ve waited 30 years to get my colors right, what’s another two weeks!”. So I have no hesitation getting my makeup line going without being 100% fully stocked. However, I do have some personal things going on first. Awhile back I wrote that I was taking a full time job in the financial field. I was to start in January but that time just didn’t work for me. I am waiting for the official offer letter but it does look like I will start the job mid-March. This job will help me launch my line and I’m looking toward May or June as a launch date. Of course I will keep you posted on the progress!

Until next month, take care!


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