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The ColorRevival Review!

What's in this issue?
1. What I've been doing
2. New affiliates and special makeup promotions
3. Special challenges for COOL season makeup or "I don't want to look like a clown!"

What I've been doing

In my last newsletter, I talked about how I was accepting a job in Indiana. It is a long story but in the end, I chose to follow my passion and work on my website full time. The last few years have been challenging financially so I thought working at a ‘real’ job was right for me at this time. I went through a lot of soul searching (I do a lot of that these days) and I plan on making my living continuing to do what I love, in my own home with my three dogs, or I will go down trying at least. This whole should-I-get-a-real-job –or-do-what-I-love thing had gotten to the point I thought I was losing my mind. The entire process of deciding what to do has inspired me to start a second website called www.ForTheLoveofSunny.com (totally still under construction though.) It is a place I will discuss my thoughts about life, a career, money (huge subject!) and how I decided-as well as how I actually built a business that actually enabled me to work from home. Much more to come on that.

New partnership and affiliate!

I’m excited to have partnered with a new affiliate:

I’ve read all of their ebooks and found loved them. Very practical advice geared specifically for women over 40 (like me!) Check out their site and don’t forget to sign up for the free newsletter, too.

Update on my makeup line

I’m moving forward with it slowly but surely. I am aiming for a FALL 2011 date (I know, I’ve been talking about it for over a year and a half) but I’ve taken solid steps to making it happen. In the meantime, to help fund my makeup launch, I’m going to be promoting two other makeup lines. HUH?

That’s right. I’ve chosen two makeup lines to promote and all the profits will be going into launching my makeup line. Why would I do this? Here are my reasons:
  • Even when I launch my line, I will still promote these two other makeup lines because they have great products and I’m not vain enough to think that my makeup is or should be the only makeup anyone should ever buy.
  • The two other lines have additional products like skincare, jewelry, and other accessories that my makeup line will not have and I wanted to be able to recommend products of all kinds to clients, geared for the 12 seasons.
  • Clients asking for specific makeup suggestions are my #1 request and I wanted to start offering some helpful suggestions.
  • Any commissions can be used to help develop my own line.

I wanted affordable products. As you probably know if you read my site much, I hate spending more money than necessary on anything. Some things are worth extra money, but there are lots of good products to be found without a hefty price tag.

My first product line is an oldie but a goodie: Avon!

Here are my top reasons for choosing Avon:
  • Affordability
  • Respected name and solid company. They aren’t going anywhere having been around for 125 years with 6 million sales reps in over 100 countries.
  • One of the biggest corporate supporters of the fight to end breast cancer and domestic violence.
  • Does not test on animals (*this is actually the first requirement I look for with any makeup line).

    All these reasons make me feel great about selling Avon. I hadn’t looked at an Avon book for literally 10 years and when I did, I was very pleasantly surprised to find such quality items at affordable prices. Lots of new items like clothing and items for the home, as well as favorites like makeup and jewelry and skincare.

    I will be spotlighting certain items and especially makeup in the coming weeks, each geared specifically to the seasons. Of course, you don’t have to wait until then to find some awesome products. You can shop Avon now. They have great summer specials!

    My second makeup line I'm promoting....

    Yes, Color Me Beautiful products are still around but is only sold currently through independent representatives such as myself. I sold CMB when I first became trained on the 12 season theory back in the 90’s. I liked their makeup and their skincare line. What made me choose this line now:
    • They do not test on animals
    • Despite the fact that they only follow the 4 seasons (I don’t understand this but anyway…), the makeup colors available are still good and are geared for certain seasons. I will be coming out with my own recommendations as to which colors are best for which seasons.
    • I like that the colors are named accurately (no fancy but-what-COLOR-is-this? names). There a many that match the names of colors in the original CMB books such as pewter, Aubergine, Plum Brown, Rose Mauve, Teal Blue, etc. The name describes the color well. Actually I found many great colors for the cool seasons, which can be quite challenging. More on that subject below.
    • I want to offer information concerning women of color in the coming months. Flori Roberts, a division of CMB, has great colors for darker skin tones, so it’s a great fit.

    In the coming weeks, I will be posting specific recommendations for each of the seasons, both for Avon and for Color Me Beautiful.
    To shop at Color Me Beautiful now, click here.

    Special challenges for
    COOL season makeup

    “I don’t want to look artificial”, “I don’t want to look too 80’s”, “I’d never wear pink lipstick”, "I'll look like a prostitute" (yes, heard that one just last month).

    These are just a few comments I hear a lot when I tell someone they are a Cool Summer or Cool Winter. Being strictly cool with no influences of warmth, people imagine they are going to look like Joan Collins from the 80’s.

    There are several challenges for these COOL seasons when it comes to makeup.
    First, overall it’s harder to find cool based makeup than warm based makeup. There is a plethora of autumn-y colors out there, and the cool colors out there sometimes look like they were made for Joan Collins circa 1980. Or they are geared toward trendy teenagers—too fake, too bright, too sparkly.

    Second, it is tricky to make some cool colors look natural. If you think about it, when do you ever naturally see blue or purple on the face (excluding eye color)? Not unless you’ve been hit in the eye. But you may see pink or rose on lips and cheeks. You will see shades of brown and grey around the creases and shadows of the eye itself, and I’m not talking wrinkles, just the eye crease and the shadows above and below the lashes.

    To really create a natural look, you want to wear colors you will naturally see on a face. Core makeup colors for cool seasons include greys and cool browns for eye shadows, white or silver, or icy pink as a highlighter (small touches for the most natural look), and pinks and berries and cool reds for lips and blush

    I will often tell my Cool Winter clients who are fearful of the 80’s look to switch to a cool summer palette just for makeup. The exciting dramatic colors in her wardrobe may be too much for her face. I feel that most (not all) winters can look fine with summer makeup colors as long as they are cool and not too muddy. The difference between the two seasons, of course, is that Winters are Cool, and Clear and Summers are Cool and muted. Too much muted-ness on a winter and it begins to look muddy. Of course, Summers differ from Winters as well when it comes to intensity. They are much lighter than winters and need a softer touch.

    Which brings me to my second suggestions for Cool Winters. If you just want to follow the colors in your palette for everything, including makeup (so much simpler) you can wear still achieve a natural look. Just a sheer wash of some of the most intense colors can make a huge difference. I’m thinking in particular blushes. I know a cool winter who wears just a tiny touch of fuchsia blush right on the parts of her cheeks that would naturally show color had she been out for a brisk walk on a chilly day. It looked fabulous on her. She wore a grey-brown contour eyeshadow, a light pink highlighter just below her brow, and navy liner. She just glowed, but in a natural way, not artificial.

    Are you a cool summer who dislikes her sugary pastel colors? Opt for the most neutral and natural colors in your palette. Again, greys, pewters, and cool browns are always great for eye shadows. Pinks or warm pinks look great for blushes and lipstick but so do berry and rose.

    As you can see from the celebrity photos below, you can look quite natural and quite beautiful in your cool season palettes:

    All these women are cool seasons. With a light touch and keeping all colors cool, they look fabulous. Camille Belle (last photo) is even wearing a touch of blue in the outer corners! Who said blue eyeshadow should be illegal? If you are a cool season, blue can be fabulous on you. Just apply it strategically and it can brighten your eyes like nothing else.

    In anticipation of my makeup line and in conjunction with my CMB and Avon recommendations, I will soon be creating a brand new segment on my site called “Makeup Matters”. I will be talking about makeup artistry in general as well as specific information for each of the 12 seasons. Stay tuned!

    Until next month, take care!


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