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What's in this issue?
1. Makeup Line Update
2. How PYW is evolving and what to expect
3. Don't get hung up on specific colors

Makeup Update

If you haven’t seen my campaign to raise money to launch my makeup line, do so now!

Lora's Make-up Line Launch I’ve raised more than 10% of my funds with only a month more to go. I should have probably set a longer date than 2 months but this whole ‘crowdfunding’ concept is brand new to me so I’m learning as I go. Regardless I’ve earned enough to have submitted my logo to my manufacturer and as soon as approval goes through, I will begin the process of ordering my inventory. I’m beyond excited about this. I absolutely love the colors I will be offering but it’s not going to be just another makeup line out there. Believe me I know the market is overly saturated already. But my colors will be analyzed to fit the 12 seasons. I will be offering booklets on how to wear these colors based on the principles of your seasonal palette. I will give guidelines on how to wear colors also based on facial features and eye shapes. Did I mention that I’m really excited?

In a nutshell, this is what my IndieGoGo Campaign is all about:

With any contribution of $50 or more, you will get that much in makeup products at retail costs. Lesser contributions will still get some perks, and believe me, all contributions are appreciated no matter how small. So essentially you are pre-ordering makeup and can cash in your ‘perks’ once the makeup is launched, which will be right around the holiday season. You can even take a quick sneak peek at some of the colors here: http://blog.prettyyourworld.com/blog/2011/08/lk.html

A huge thank you to those who have already contributed! Thank you thank you thank you!

How PYW is evolving

PrettyYourWorld.com was created from nothing, with just a strong interest in color analysis but no knowledge about websites or eCommerce or anything else really. PYW will be 3 years old in September and in those 3 years the site as evolved into two distinct parts. The original purpose was simply to have a place for people to come to learn about color analysis, in hopes of them finding their best colors and learning about their seasonal palettes. I offer self-analysis information as well as professional virtual color analysis along with swatches and eBooks and eStyle tools.

PYW is also becoming a place where many established and up-and-coming stylists and image consultants come to get more understanding of the 12 season system. They want to be able to understand the 12 seasons fully so they can offer it to their clients. Or they are people who have always dreamed of becoming an image consultant. I’m finding more and more stylists ordering my book “Color Revival” so I am working on revamping the book to be geared specifically for image consultants. It will be more advanced, filled with more charts and illustrations, examples of real life clients, lots of theory and more content overall.

In addition, I am working on offering a training course that when you are done, you will be certified by PrettyYourWorld, signifying you have a thorough understanding of the 12 season principles. You will get to use my PYW logo to show your certification as well as a link on my site, as I have many people asking me for referrals to clients who can drape them in person. I never am able to offer clients specific referrals since I have no way of knowing the analyst’s skill level. Certifying them will be a way to test whether someone has a good sense of the 12 season system and as such I can feel good about listing them on my site.

The training package will teach the dominant/secondary color analysis system I speak about on my site as well as the more traditional ‘flow theory’. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and I will talk about that in the training material. The important thing is that they all end up with the same result. Having a good sense of both systems will only make you a better analyst. If one system doesn’t work for you (sometimes it’s very difficult if not impossible to see a dominant characteristic; then what do you do?) the second system should work. It’s a great way to cross check the accuracy of your analysis as well.

The training package is still being created so I can’t talk about the specifics of everything since I don’t know myself. If there are any potential trainees out there interested in an affordable training package, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you would consider ideal components such as price, subject matter, etc. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Actually I’m just about to certify my first client. We agreed to work together even though my book has not been updated nor anything organized in the final form yet. But she has an incredible eye for colors and I’m very excited about introducing her on my site. You will be hearing more about her soon.

Don’t get too wrapped up in specific colors!

I hear things like this all the time: “ I adore [specific color] and it’s not in my palette. How could I be a [any season] and never wear [specific color]?!”

“I’m supposed to be a Spring but there’s blue in my swatch. I thought blues were only for Summers and Winters”?

“Why is there a Yellow in my Cool Winter swatch?”

“I get compliments when I wear black. Does this mean I’m a Winter?”

“You obviously are not a good color analyst if you suggest beige for a Light Spring!”
(heard that one just today)

Your seasonal palette of colors, whether they are from a book or in a swatch, are a somewhat arbitrary sampling of colors. I say arbitrary because there really isn’t a set amount of colors that are suitable for everyone. There could be hundreds of variations of each color that could be suitable for a certain season. That is because any color could be a few shades lighter or darker, slightly warmer or cooler, slightly more saturated, and these could work fine for you.

Any good color analyst should tell you that the color swatches you receive for your season is only a guideline, not the definite last word on what colors you should wear. When you are new to understanding your seasonal palette, or understanding color analysis at all, the swatch is essential. Stick close to these colors and you will be fine. As you become more knowledgeable about what characteristics you are needing—softness, clarity, warmth, etc.—you become less and less dependent on your swatch. I never look at my swatch any more. I know what I need to harmonize with my coloring (doesn’t mean I always follow the ‘rules’ but at least I know them ).

I have a wonderful friend who is a motivational speaker. His name is Quincy Oliver www.quincyoliver.com and I will be talking about him more in my new website which deals with careers, money, self-worth, abundance and all that stuff. But he said something once that really applies to everything in life. He said “People either add to your life, multiply it, subtract or divide your life”. Of course you want to surround yourself with those who add and multiply to your life, and reduce or eliminate those that subtract from it. This principal applies to color ‘rules’ as well. Color Analysis should be about expanding your life, about creating new and fun possibilities for your life. It shouldn’t limit you to the point you feel you are boxed in and suppressed. Part of the fun of having rules is to see how far you can bend them before they break. I give suggestions in my book “Color Revival” on how to bend rules and push boundaries, and I will be coming up with more in an upcoming edition of my book.

My number one goal is to help people look their best and I feel that color analysis is a vital step to making that happen. The other vital step is an eStyle assessment . These are huge jumping off places for you to discover your best look and your unique style. But they are only tools and guides to send you into the right direction. After that you need to find what works for your style, your personality, and the look you want to convey to people.

Getting hung up on a specific color when trying to find the right season for you can be a big stumbling block. For example, someone might look good in black….black is a wonderful color that can do all sorts of wonderful things like make a statement, help you look slimmer, create a professional look, etc. But if you hold it up to your face, does it make your face come alive, help camouflage dark circles under your eyes, and help your skintone even out? If not, it’s probably not one of your best colors but that doesn’t mean you can never where it. Just wear it further away from your face.

Salmon/coral is a color that is often included in my Warm Autumn palette. But I despise it. I don’t know why either. I think it may have to do with the fact that I hate the smell and the thought of ever eating salmon. Maybe every shade of salmon I tried to wear was too pink which looked awful on me. I don’t know but I know that I’m a Warm Autumn. And 98% of the colors in this palette work for me. I don’t fret over the 2% that doesn’t work. What if 50% of one palette works for you and 50% of another palette works for you? I hear that often about Cool Winters and Cool Summers. These two are “sister seasons”, sharing the same Dominant characteristic and they flow into each other. Sister seasons will share many of the same colors. Even in the expanded 12 season system, I believe people can straddle between two similar seasons.

I view the flow system as a continuum. The dictionary explanation of Continumum: A continuous extent, succession, or whole, no part of which can be distinguished from neighboring parts except by arbitrary division. Sometimes you can see yourself as a certain season that fits neatly into one box. But don’t fret if you can move easily in and out of several seasons. Count your blessings that you have such great versatility.

Remember fashion and color should be fun. It should expand your life. Not limit it. Have fun!

Until next month, take care!


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