Welcome to the 14th issue of
The ColorRevival Review!

What's in this issue?
1. Makeup Line Update
2. Introducing a new Color Analyst
3. Women of Color are NOT always Winters

What's New?

My makeup line, that’s what’s new! After struggling to find ways to launch my makeup line for what seems like years now, it is finally happening and I’m SUPER excited!

If you don’t know, currently I’m raising funds for my line via a crowdfunding company called IndieGoGo. Click here to read all about it. Current contributions are at $1420 with only 6 days left. While it looks like I may not reach my full goal, it is a big success for me anyway. My colors are all chosen and my store is UP (link is below).
  • 87 shades of Eyeshadows
  • 83 shades of Lipsticks
  • 44 Lip glosses
  • 30 Blushes
  • 3 Neutral lip pencils (more to come soon)
  • And featuring 16 neutral/natural shades for your lips

More items will be coming. But for now, I feel there are some fabulous colors for every season to look glorious! I’m particularly proud of the many choices for the Soft Summer, who usually has a tough time finding colors that are not too cool or too dark and bright.

With makeup, wearing your right colors is crucial. You may have to wear a uniform for work that isn’t your best color, but YOU always have the choice to wear the right colors for your makeup. And with it comes more flexibility in some areas and less in others.

For example, as a Clear Winter, you can wear bright fuschia beautifully in your wardrobe, but how do you wear it on your face without looking too artificial? And can you ever pull off wearing royal blue eyeshadow? Unlike a famous author and makeup artist who I have tremendous respect for (Paula Begoun, who stated that blue eyeshadow should be illegal), I think blues and greens and purples can definitely be worn in a beautiful and even natural looking manner if you apply it right, like Jessica Szor does in the photo(left).

With just 6 days to go, I urge you to make a contribution now and to sweeten the deal, I will include FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world via USPS First Class mail. (Certain international countries like Italy have strict rules about cosmetics coming into their country, so please be aware that if you are one of those countries, the free shipping may not be applicable). This goes for anyone who has already contributed—your items will be shipped FREE too!

In my blog and previous newsletter, I’ve given you a small peek at some of my products. Well now you can view all of my products before you contribute! Just click here to be taken to my online store. Start to choose what products you like because all contributors will be able to send me their order shortly after the campaign ends.

The store is just the beginning. I will be including articles and illustrations on how best to apply makeup unique to your season and your facial shape. Much more to come! Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported me in this endeavor!

Contribute here now to get free shipping!

My first PYW Certified Color Analyst trainee!

I’m proud to introduce a new Color Analyst on the scene: Jeanine Byers Hoag who can be found at http://www.seasonalcoloranalysis.net

Jeanine is my very first person who I trained in the 12 season color theory and is the first PYW Certified Color Analyst! Actually, Jeanine was a super easy student; she has a rare eye for color and a hungry mind to learn all she could about color theory. She is specializing in seasonal color analysis for women of color. Many women of color mistakenly think color analysis is not for them or that they are always relegated to being a Winter. Not so. Jeanine has an amazing sense of color and style and she has other personal style websites.

She is the author of The Capsule Wardrobe Book: Signature Style Essentials for Plus Size Fashionistas and you can find her ebook at http://www.capsulewardrobebook.com. Be sure to visit her and say hello!

While on the topic of Women of Color...

Here's a great example of why all African American women should not be automatically put into the Winter category. My client below, I’ll call her Sandra, is a Deep Autumn. Why? Look at her skin: with skin that obviously warm, you would never want to put pinks and blues and bright berry colors on it.

Had her hair had some natural warmth to it or it was slightly lighter in intensity I may have labeled her a Warm Autumn. But because of the darker hair and eyes (thus, its higher contrast level), I felt Deep Autumn was best for her.

Until next month, take care!


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