Welcome to the 15th issue of
The ColorRevival Review!

What's in this issue?
1. 20% coupon code for my entire Color Shop store
2. Reviews of my makeup are in...
3. What's in store for my store in the coming weeks?
4. Chance for a sneak peek at the new 16 season color system

Save 20% on all makeup

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There will only be a few chances to order makeup in time for it to arrive before Christmas so now is a great time to shop.

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The Reviews are In!

I can tell you the reviews of my makeup line have been fantastic! I honestly haven’t been promoting my line as much as I could because I wanted to get the feedback from my clients first. I thought the line is fantastic (but what if I was the only one?) What matters is what my customers think so I wanted to wait until I get a good consensus from them. And there is no doubt they love the quality of the makeup. I’ve heard phrases that it has “MAC like qualities”, even “better than MAC”, and so on. Here is my very first comment from a lady in California:

“Hi Lora - your products are absolutely perfect. As a natural ivory blonde, turquoise eyed, clear spring I have an extremely difficult time finding colors that are both clear enough and saturated enough without looking garish. Your products are perfect and natural looking. I've been looking for these colors nearly all my life. Fabulous job!!!”

Coming soon to my Color Shop

My makeup line will be expanding soon.

I am in the process of developing more products for my Color Shop store. I will soon add eye pencils, bronzers (even for Cool seasons!) a mineral line, and more. First up though is a makeup kit containing 5 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, and one bronzer. I want to have 5 of the best shades of eyeshadows, two of the best blushes, and one appropriate bronzer for each of the 12 seasons. Also coming will be empty refillable containers you can fill yourself with your own choices!

Have something you’d like to see? Just drop me a note and I will put it on a ‘wish list’ and work hard to get it in my store.

Believe it or not, I actually dread giving makeup recommendations to my clients. Why? Because there are so many variations with makeup, so many different personal preferences on how to wear it, I don’t know where to begin.

Clothing is much simpler. There is only a few ways to wear a blouse, but with makeup, there is so many different looks for makeup: the “no makeup” look’; strong eyes and light lips; strong lips and light eyes; totally dramatic and on and on. While there are definite suggestions for lip, eye and blush colors, for each season, it certainly doesn’t mean they have to be followed.

Why wouldn’t one want to follow the suggested colors? Well, you can take me for example. I’m a warm autumn and I always wear the warm browns that are suggested for eye colors. But for my thin lips, I do not want to make them look darker, so I certainly don’t use any deep or medium brown shades. I don't even like light brown shades. I like light peachy pinks (probably a more Light Spring shade) or even better yet I like the very nude lip colors and I do have to say that my Color Shop does have some great nudes. Here is a new shade (right) not even listed yet in my store: its called “Skin Tight” and it is the ultimate nude lipstick. I absolutely love it.

But some people hate nude lipstick. They say it makes their lips disappear. They want color. Subtle or strong, they are searching for the right shade. Some women despise pink. Others feel red is only for a dramatic night on the town. Seriously I have no idea what woman are looking for with regards to their makeup look. It’s very personal so its tough to know what to suggest to someone. I try to have accurate descriptions of each color in my store. And remember I have a return policy on anything that doesn’t suit you. I’m confident though there will be something to love for everyone.

What’s up with the 16 seasons?

Want to know what the ‘new’ 4 seasons are (that are in addition to the 12?)

Leave a testimonial about my site, my products, swatches, or makeup and get a special pdf report telling you what the new seasons are and a brief synopsis of what they consist of (you can just reply to this email). I have personally identified 2 of the four before I ever heard of the notion of a 16 season system. And the other two are some I’m sure I’ve seen but wasn’t 100% confident how to define them. I’m excited about studying it more and plan to do some formal training in February. I don’t want to talk in detail about something until I am 100% confident of it myself. But I can tell you what I know so far.

Don't worry. This is not a radically new system at all. It's just an extension of the existing 12. And I need official testimonials so I thought I’d use it as a bribe :-)

Until next time, have a wonderful Holiday Season!


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